June 10, 2014

Pops Comes To Visit

Pops came to visit for about ten days at the end of May. That was so great! It was the first time for him to come visit by himself and we enjoyed every minute. We didn't do anything or go anywhere -- Eric worked most of the time and took a motorcycle riding course over Memorial Day weekend so he wasn't around much. But we still had a lovely time of doing not much of anything ... plenty of sitting around holding a baby, some watching of old movies, and of course drinking coffee. While these pictures make it appear that ALL Pops did was sit around, he also took the girls for lots of walks and played with them a lot, and he preached on Sunday. I just didn't take pictures of that stuff.


Mr. A really took to Pops and they had many little chats.

It was such a nice visit. I look forward to doing it again!