September 28, 2009

Happy Monday

It's happy for me because My Man is home this week. Hey, if being laid off for a week is the equivalent of a week of "paid" vacation, I'll take it. I do have to work two afternoons but we are going to take a couple of days and go to the shore! I'm very excited. We're going to stay in a hotel and swim in the indoor pool and walk on the empty boardwalk and play in the sand ... it's going to be great. When My Man called the hotel last week to make a reservation the desk person said, "You know there's nothing open here, right?" My Man assured him that we only wanted to get away and didn't care about nothing being open. The desk person didn't even make our reservation because he said there are plenty of rooms open! I can't wait to wake up to an ocean view. Better go charge those camera batteries!

September 26, 2009

What You Talkin' About?

That's the Boogie's latest phrase. "Whatchu talkin' about, Daddy?" she asked him tonight, though he hadn't said anything.

Last night he wasn't home when she went to bed. She gave me a kiss and asked, "Where's my daddy?" I thought it was cute that she said my daddy instead of just Daddy.

She is showing more and more interest in sitting on her potty. This may or may not be because she's made the connection between doing something in the potty and getting an M&M which, of course, she calls an "enimen."

The other day in the car she told me a knock-knock joke. It went like this:
Boogie: "Knock, knock."
Me: "Who's there?"
B: "Donald!"
M: "Donald who?"
B: Donald! [pause] Ha ha ha ha!"
Though she doesn't grasp the concept of a punch line actually being funny, she does realize that a knock-knock joke is supposed to make you laugh.

On Monday her cousin HE was here. You need to know that HE is pretty quiet. She doesn't say a whole lot, but what she does say often comes out in a deep voice that is rather surprising to hear coming from her small self. She and the Boogie get along very well and Monday was no exception. At one point I went into my room to find the Boogie fake-trembling next to my bed.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"I scary!" she said.
"What are you scared of?"
"Da monster. In dere," pointing to her room where HE was playing contentedly by herself.
"There are no monsters," I told her. "That's your cousin. She's not a monster."
"No, i's not a cousin! I's a monster! HE is da monster!" she insisted.
"She's not a monster! There are no monsters. HE is your cousin." I told her again. At that she ran into her room and asked, "HE, are you da monster?"
"Yes," HE replied in her deep voice.
The Boogie ran back to me. "Honey, honey, HE is da monster!"
Great. Not only does she think there are monsters, she thinks her cousin is one.

September 21, 2009

The Last Day Of Summer

I can't believe summer is officially going to be over tomorrow. I sort of feel like we got cheated out of it -- it was so short this year! Oh well. Maybe we'll have a nice long pleasant fall. So far we've had nice September weather.

My downstairs neighbors are smoking out on the front porch and it is coming in my windows. I can close my windows when I smell it, but then it's trapped inside. I can keep my windows closed all the time but then I never get any fresh air. Plus if they aren't smoking outside, they are smoking inside and it comes up through our furnace into our apartment. There is no escaping it. I really hate cigarette smoke. I especially hate when it comes into my own home.

Yesterday in the car we were listening to a children's cd. During "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" the Boogie would correct the singers over every animal. If they sang, "And on that farm he had a cow," she would say, "No, no, no! He had a pig!" and so on and so forth.

On Friday we watched H-man and his little brother whom the Boogie calls Toto. His name is NOT Toto but I think it's funny that she calls him that. They were both so good. H-man stayed all night though Toto went home with his parents when they got back. He is the cutest little thing with the chubbiest cheeks you ever saw. He didn't really want to take a bottle though I did my best to coax him, and even though he went a long time without eating much and I knew he was hungry, he never cried more than just a tiny bit of fussing here and there!

HE is here playing with the Boogie this morning. They get along so nicely. It's a good thing today because my stomach feels as if I've been reading in the car while riding backwards. I think I'll go back to the couch for a little while ...

September 16, 2009

Baby On The Way

Thank you to everyone for your congratulations. We are very excited about the upcoming arrival of Baby #2! I'm not sure how far along I am but I'm guessing a due date of late April/early May. It is just a guess, however, and I wouldn't be a bit surprised to find that I'm due around our anniversary and the Boogie's birthday! I felt pretty well until about a week ago -- I have some good days and some not-so-good days but thankfully the not-so-good hasn't been any worse than a constant feeling of motion-sickness.

My Man made a general announcement in church last Sunday night. We talked about it ahead of time and he decided to say that I had a "medical condition" which, while not life-threatening, would take several months to resolve, and that we would appreciate prayer as we had several decisions to make ... like what to name the baby. I thought it was a funny way for him to announce it but warned him to keep it very short as we didn't want to worry anyone. I think he was a little nervous though and dragged it out longer than planned -- after services we had several people congratulate us but a few of them had something to say about our way of sharing our good news. Guess we won't do that again!

The Boogie doesn't grasp the big news yet. We talk about her being a big sister, and a baby coming to our house, and things like that. When I asked her if she wants a baby brother or a baby sister, she said "baby sister" which I found interesting because usually if I ask her if she wants this or that, she just repeats what I said. She doesn't have any concept of choosing between things.

Speaking of the Boogie, her latest new words and phrases:
"Hi, kiddo" when her auntie walked in the door.
"Cutie!" holding my face in her hands as we snuggled in bed.
"It's scrumptious," while eating something.
"I wanna color with a paintbrush," when she wants to paint with watercolors.
"I'm hungry for peanut butter" and "I want a snackie-snack" when she's hungry.
"Yay-uh" instead of "yeah" and "they-er" instead of "there."
"Honey, I'm poopy, right they-er," as she turns around and points to her backside.

"Honey, I'm hungry," she told me yesterday.
"Okay," I said, "what would you like?"
"Breffits!" she exclaimed.
"Okay, what would like to eat for breakfast?" I asked.
"Waffles and sausage," she promptly replied. She's a girl who knows what she likes.

September 9, 2009

Boogie Of Oz

Yesterday a package arrived from my sister Vee. Inside it was a lovely necklace for me, and a mysterious package for the Boogie.

As soon as I stopped recording she spread her arms wide and said, "Thank you so much!"

September 6, 2009

How To Kill A Lobster

While out shopping yesterday we saw that seafood was on sale. Having never eaten lobster, we decided to get one. (At least I'd never had it; from some stories I've heard I think My Man has indeed eaten lobster but doesn't remember.) We chose the one we wanted, had him weighed, and brought him home where we put him in the sink. The Boogie was enthralled.

You know how when you go to the seafood department of your grocery store and see lobsters swimming around in a tank of water? Apparently they don't do that in your sink. If you put them in water in your sink they suffocate. That is to say ... they drown. Lobsters drown. Bet you didn't know that, did you? Neither did we. We learned it the hard way. When we realized that we'd efficiently though unintentionally murdered our lobster we quickly cooked and ate him. He tasted okay. I have to say I much prefer crab. But I can say I've eaten lobster now!

When HE was here the other day I found her like this. I laughed. I asked her, "Are you stuck?"
"Yes," she answered quietly. No fussing. No screaming. No drama. Not like her cousin, the Boogie.
"Okay," I said, "just a minute, let me get the camera." She was very patient. I really don't know how she managed to get in there without tipping the whole thing over! She was wedged in there pretty good, too. I had to sort of pry her out.

The Boogie has discovered how to use the camera. She is happy for a very long time snapping away. Last night she took over 150 pictures. They were mostly multiples of these:

My favorites are the self-portraits and the feet pictures. She took dozens of her daddy and me: "Say cheese, honey! Say cheese!"

September 4, 2009

Friday And September

We had HE stay the night last night. She is a quiet little thing. The Boogie is delighted to have her here though she dislikes having to share her balloons. Last night we put them both to bed and the Boogie talked them both to sleep. They slept until 7:15 this morning ... which is a great improvement over 5:45, the time the Boogie woke up yesterday morning.

My Man has been back to work all week which is good. We both get three days off for the holiday weekend, which is also good!

August ended and it was as if a switched was flipped -- the weather turned gorgeous. Days are clear and sunny and comfortably warm; nights are cool enough for open windows and light blankets. I love love love summer and am always a little bit sad to see it end. This year especially it seemed to go by more quickly than ever before. However, I can live with this weather for a while.

The Boogie has been saying "smells like birf" a lot. We have no idea what this means. It's the only context in which she uses the word "birf." We ask her similar-sounding words and she says yes to all of them. I've also asked her to show it to me but she doesn't seem to know what I mean. Maybe "birf" isn't a physical thing? It's very puzzling.

She likes to sing "Let's Go Fly a Kite" from Mary Poppins. She doesn't know all the words or get the tune exactly right, so it goes something like this: "Let's go fly a kite, up to the atmosphere, up to the atmosphere we'll send it soaring," and repeat. And repeat. And repeat. It's like "The Song That Never Ends" only with different words. I am impressed with her ability to say "atmosphere" though.

Y'all have a happy holiday weekend! Maybe something exciting (in a good way) will happen for me to blog about next week. You never know what a weekend might contain, right?