September 6, 2014

Mamaw Sally Comes To Visit

Mamaw Sally flew out to visit us on August 18, right before my birthday. She stayed for two weeks and we loved every minute! Sadly, Mr. A had a cold and shared it with her -- when she gets sick she gets really sick, so she didn't feel very well for the second week and we didn't do much, but we still enjoyed ourselves.

We took her to Ocean City and walked up and down the boardwalk a little bit, and had seafood for dinner. It was Mr. A's first trip to the shore.

 She walked miles with Mr. A (maybe a slight exaggeration, but they did walk around a lot!)

She read stories to the girls, played games with them, and took them for walks.

We took her to our favorite diner for breakfast.

She rocked this boy to sleep more times than I can count. She certainly had the magic touch with him!

I think it was really good for her to come -- I know it was really good for us to have her here! We're hoping to do it again and again for as long as she is able.