September 11, 2012

Cooler Weather Means ...

... open windows instead of air conditioning.

... for the first time in months not automatically turning on ceiling fans in the morning ... and then realizing how incredibly dusty they are!

... covering up cute cloth diapers with pants. 

... a light robe over pajamas.

Oh well, cooler weather means a lower electric bill, and at least it warms up during the day! Less humidity certainly makes going for a walk a lot more comfortable. And I won't will miss the mosquitoes once they meet their cold-weather demise.

We've completed our second week of school and begun week three. So far it's going very well and the Boogie seems to be enjoying herself.

Our friend DiDi is going on a missions trip soon, and she needed to learn how to drive a stick-shift before leaving. I loaned her my car over the weekend so she could practice. This is how it was returned:
Ahahahaha! Clever, right? She did say she would clean it off but I told her I wanted to take a picture. She came over today to have lunch and say goodbye; after she left the Boogie cried and cried. "I don't want DiDi to go," she sniffled, "I'm just going to miss her a lot!"

Mary Poppins has been (temporarily, I'm sure) replaced. If Peabody doesn't want to watch "Cartello, the amlane one" she asks for "Paper Man" ... Peter Pan.

Peabody is suddenly aware of Eric being away during the day. She will ask periodically, "Where Daddy? Where Daddy go?" Usually when she wakes up in the morning or from her nap she calls for me until I come get her out of her crib. The other day at the end of her nap I heard her crying. I thought she may have hurt herself or had a bad dream, so hurried in to see what was wrong. She'd been looking out the window from her crib and couldn't see Eric's car in the driveway. "Daddy gooooone!" she wept loudly. 

Her looking out the window is a nuisance. She stays awake far longer than acceptable during naptime, and so far has broken five consecutive slats on the blinds. 

Last night I asked her, "Are you my Peabody?" 
"Yeah!" she shouted, "I pee potty! I pee on da potty!"

She and the Boogie were playing. "Should we go to Taco Bell?" the Boogie asked. Peabody agreed, then ordered a bean burrito with no onions. 

We have their flower girl dresses and shoes for the wedding, and I am working on headbands. Now I need to start practicing with the Boogie's hair. Not too much longer! We're getting so excited!

September 3, 2012

Labor Day Labors

Eric had today off. We didn't have school. What to do with a whole day off? Work, of course.

-3 loads of laundry
-clean diapers folded, stuffed, put away
-beds stripped and remade with clean sheets (you know I love clean sheets)
-gutters cleaned out
-chimney cap installed
-dryer pulled out, cleaned behind, dryer vent cleaned out
-bookshelf and small table moved from girls' room to playroom
-toys, books, and movies looked through for donatable (is that a word?) items
-"new" dresser put in girls' room
-everywhere vacuumed
-bathroom scrubbed
-flashcards made for school
-4 lbs of ground turkey cooked for freezing
-minor rearranging done in laundry room & kitchen
-kitchen cleaned

There were several more things on my list that we didn't get around to, but I think we did pretty well!

After dinner we decided that our hard work and the Boogie's second lost tooth deserved a trip for ice cream. Eat more ice cream = more teeth fall out. Logical, right?
The adult teeth are already coming in!
It was clammy and rainy most of the day. We passed a local nursery that had pumpkins set out, and the ice cream place had pumpkin and apple pie flavored soft serve; Eric got a caramel apple sundae. There's no avoiding it, fall is definitely on its way.

She was full of it once the sugar kicked in
On Saturday we met with my friend Reenie for our annual birthday get-together. We finally got to meet her "adopted" family, people we've heard about for years. They were charming and gracious hosts, and their c. 1904 home was AMAZING. We had a wonderful time!