September 3, 2012

Labor Day Labors

Eric had today off. We didn't have school. What to do with a whole day off? Work, of course.

-3 loads of laundry
-clean diapers folded, stuffed, put away
-beds stripped and remade with clean sheets (you know I love clean sheets)
-gutters cleaned out
-chimney cap installed
-dryer pulled out, cleaned behind, dryer vent cleaned out
-bookshelf and small table moved from girls' room to playroom
-toys, books, and movies looked through for donatable (is that a word?) items
-"new" dresser put in girls' room
-everywhere vacuumed
-bathroom scrubbed
-flashcards made for school
-4 lbs of ground turkey cooked for freezing
-minor rearranging done in laundry room & kitchen
-kitchen cleaned

There were several more things on my list that we didn't get around to, but I think we did pretty well!

After dinner we decided that our hard work and the Boogie's second lost tooth deserved a trip for ice cream. Eat more ice cream = more teeth fall out. Logical, right?
The adult teeth are already coming in!
It was clammy and rainy most of the day. We passed a local nursery that had pumpkins set out, and the ice cream place had pumpkin and apple pie flavored soft serve; Eric got a caramel apple sundae. There's no avoiding it, fall is definitely on its way.

She was full of it once the sugar kicked in
On Saturday we met with my friend Reenie for our annual birthday get-together. We finally got to meet her "adopted" family, people we've heard about for years. They were charming and gracious hosts, and their c. 1904 home was AMAZING. We had a wonderful time!


Meleah said...

Sounds like a great Labor Day:). Wish I could've met with you and Renee... Are you enjoying Homeschooling?

Jersey Mama said...

Wish you could've been there too! Yes I'm liking school ... so far. But it's only been a week! haha :p