September 28, 2009

Happy Monday

It's happy for me because My Man is home this week. Hey, if being laid off for a week is the equivalent of a week of "paid" vacation, I'll take it. I do have to work two afternoons but we are going to take a couple of days and go to the shore! I'm very excited. We're going to stay in a hotel and swim in the indoor pool and walk on the empty boardwalk and play in the sand ... it's going to be great. When My Man called the hotel last week to make a reservation the desk person said, "You know there's nothing open here, right?" My Man assured him that we only wanted to get away and didn't care about nothing being open. The desk person didn't even make our reservation because he said there are plenty of rooms open! I can't wait to wake up to an ocean view. Better go charge those camera batteries!

1 comment:

Cove Girl said...

Tourist season being over definitely ensures your privacy and having a good time w/o the hassle of crowds. Have fun!