September 16, 2009

Baby On The Way

Thank you to everyone for your congratulations. We are very excited about the upcoming arrival of Baby #2! I'm not sure how far along I am but I'm guessing a due date of late April/early May. It is just a guess, however, and I wouldn't be a bit surprised to find that I'm due around our anniversary and the Boogie's birthday! I felt pretty well until about a week ago -- I have some good days and some not-so-good days but thankfully the not-so-good hasn't been any worse than a constant feeling of motion-sickness.

My Man made a general announcement in church last Sunday night. We talked about it ahead of time and he decided to say that I had a "medical condition" which, while not life-threatening, would take several months to resolve, and that we would appreciate prayer as we had several decisions to make ... like what to name the baby. I thought it was a funny way for him to announce it but warned him to keep it very short as we didn't want to worry anyone. I think he was a little nervous though and dragged it out longer than planned -- after services we had several people congratulate us but a few of them had something to say about our way of sharing our good news. Guess we won't do that again!

The Boogie doesn't grasp the big news yet. We talk about her being a big sister, and a baby coming to our house, and things like that. When I asked her if she wants a baby brother or a baby sister, she said "baby sister" which I found interesting because usually if I ask her if she wants this or that, she just repeats what I said. She doesn't have any concept of choosing between things.

Speaking of the Boogie, her latest new words and phrases:
"Hi, kiddo" when her auntie walked in the door.
"Cutie!" holding my face in her hands as we snuggled in bed.
"It's scrumptious," while eating something.
"I wanna color with a paintbrush," when she wants to paint with watercolors.
"I'm hungry for peanut butter" and "I want a snackie-snack" when she's hungry.
"Yay-uh" instead of "yeah" and "they-er" instead of "there."
"Honey, I'm poopy, right they-er," as she turns around and points to her backside.

"Honey, I'm hungry," she told me yesterday.
"Okay," I said, "what would you like?"
"Breffits!" she exclaimed.
"Okay, what would like to eat for breakfast?" I asked.
"Waffles and sausage," she promptly replied. She's a girl who knows what she likes.

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Cove Girl said...

you should have heard the announcement when Matt Shenck announced Anna's engagement. He stood up and said "Sandy and I are expecting an addition to our family". Naturally Everyone thought Sandy was pregnant, then he chimes in "with a son in law in Chris Spence". Talk about hairy announcements. But I think it's funny. Nerves have a way of working one over on people.