September 26, 2009

What You Talkin' About?

That's the Boogie's latest phrase. "Whatchu talkin' about, Daddy?" she asked him tonight, though he hadn't said anything.

Last night he wasn't home when she went to bed. She gave me a kiss and asked, "Where's my daddy?" I thought it was cute that she said my daddy instead of just Daddy.

She is showing more and more interest in sitting on her potty. This may or may not be because she's made the connection between doing something in the potty and getting an M&M which, of course, she calls an "enimen."

The other day in the car she told me a knock-knock joke. It went like this:
Boogie: "Knock, knock."
Me: "Who's there?"
B: "Donald!"
M: "Donald who?"
B: Donald! [pause] Ha ha ha ha!"
Though she doesn't grasp the concept of a punch line actually being funny, she does realize that a knock-knock joke is supposed to make you laugh.

On Monday her cousin HE was here. You need to know that HE is pretty quiet. She doesn't say a whole lot, but what she does say often comes out in a deep voice that is rather surprising to hear coming from her small self. She and the Boogie get along very well and Monday was no exception. At one point I went into my room to find the Boogie fake-trembling next to my bed.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"I scary!" she said.
"What are you scared of?"
"Da monster. In dere," pointing to her room where HE was playing contentedly by herself.
"There are no monsters," I told her. "That's your cousin. She's not a monster."
"No, i's not a cousin! I's a monster! HE is da monster!" she insisted.
"She's not a monster! There are no monsters. HE is your cousin." I told her again. At that she ran into her room and asked, "HE, are you da monster?"
"Yes," HE replied in her deep voice.
The Boogie ran back to me. "Honey, honey, HE is da monster!"
Great. Not only does she think there are monsters, she thinks her cousin is one.

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