October 3, 2009

A Trip To The Shore

I've been remiss in posting lately. My Man has been home all week which has been lovely. During his furlough last month he helped his dad build the new deck at 52, so he was gone most of those days. This week has been more of a "vacation" for him.

On Tuesday we packed up the car and headed south. After driving for a little more than an hour we discovered the hard way that the Boogie gets car sick when she can only see out a side window. A stop at McDonald's gave us a chance to clean her up and eat some lunch. Our afternoon was spent at the Cape May Zoo -- it is a very nice zoo and admission is free. The Boogie loved seeing all the animals!

Snowy owl

Llamas and alpacas

These turtles sunning themselves cracked me up

These tortoises were enormous!

After the zoo we drove to Wildwood and checked into our hotel. We had a fabulous view from our room! The Boogie was excited about the "lotion", as she called the ocean. We corrected her for a while then gave up.

We had a suite with a living area, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. The boardwalk was very quiet and hardly anything was open.

While the Boogie was enthralled with the "lotion" from a distance, she was less than enthusiastic about it up close.

I made the mistake of letting her get her feet wet right away instead of having her play in the sand for a while. She did not like her shoes to get wet and sandy. She didn't like to take her shoes off and have her feet touch the sand. She didn't like the waves. I took off my own sandals and waded -- she kept trying to bring them to me and asked repeatedly to "go in da car." The longer we stayed the more upset she got until she looked like this!

So we gave up on playing on the beach and went back to our room where she was perfectly content -- excited, even -- to view the "lotion" from the safety of our balcony. We found a local pizza place for dinner and had some great pizza. The Boogie slept in a regular bed for the first time -- we surrounded her with chairs so she couldn't roll off.

The next morning we woke up early so we could watch the sunrise. It was a little overcast but still really beautiful!

I feel compelled to confess that after watching the sun come up we crawled back into bed for another hour. :)

We kept the door to the balcony open all the time and we had a little visitor during breakfast.

I kept chasing him out but he was persistent! We didn't feed him but he must have known we had Cheerios.

After we checked out we walked down the boardwalk for a little bit. There truly was hardly anything open, but we passed several people running and on bicycles. The double-seater surreys looked so fun -- we decided that the next time we go we'll rent one.

We drove down to Cape May Point State Park where lots and lots of people were birdwatching!

They were very still and quiet and we felt like our presence would be disturbing, so we checked out some of the other things at the park. There is a beautiful old lighthouse.

The beach there was amazing!

We walked out to a World War 2 bunker -- it was a lot farther than it looked! Of course we couldn't push the stroller over the sand but the Boogie was a trooper and walked all the way out and back again.

We didn't want to pay for all of us to go up in the lighthouse since we would have had to CARRY the Boogie up all those stairs, so we settled for some pictures.

By then it was lunchtime and we were getting hungry, so we drove around Cape May for a while (there are some amazing houses there! I'm going back someday to explore.) We found a pancake house where the Boogie got hold of the camera.

This one is my favorite. It tickles me that she thought to take a picture of under the table.

We took the scenic route home (read "we forgot to change the GPS so it sent us the toll-free route") and in one small town I noticed these houses. There are three of them exactly alike, except the one in the middle is a different color.

Not really your traditional tract housing, is it?

We had a really wonderful and relaxing time. It was the perfect way to celebrate My Man's birthday!

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