October 18, 2009

Modeling Compound

The Boogie has been introduced to Play Doh.  I am one of those people who does not want to have anything to do with Play Doh. I remember how fun it was when I was a kid. I loved playing with it when I was a kid. I hate cleaning it up now. I was the mean babysitter who never suggested it, tried to distract from it if it was asked for, and if pressured into allowing the kids to play with it would only allow it rooms with no carpet. Now I'm the mean mom who only lets my kid play with it while she's sitting in her high chair ... in the dining room with no carpet. But no matter, she was completely absorbed and played for a long time last night.

Please note that she thinks it is called potato. Ocean, lotion, Play Doh, potato ...

Tomorrow is HE's second birthday so tonight after church lots of family went to her house for food, cake, and gifts. When the candles were lit on her cupcake and we began to sing, her little face lit up. When she started opening gifts much hilarity ensued. Four cousins were itching to "help" her open her presents. One of her gifts was a set of two baby doll bottles. HE loves baby doll bottles. She calls them "baby cups." Once she opened them she was not much interested in anything else! It was a noisy and fun party and there was lots of good food.

This afternoon My Man was trying to figure how much time out of every day the Boogie spends talking and singing. That child never stops except for when she is sleeping or watching tv. We figured that she sleeps for about 12 hours out of 24; she spends over an hour each day eating, but manages to talk, sing, or hum during at least half of that; factor in about an hour of quiet tv time and that leaves us with roughly ten hours a day of Boogie verbalizing. Thankfully a good part of that is not addressed to any one person -- she spends a lot of time talking and singing to herself or making up conversations between any two objects she may have in her hands. When she was a baby she babbled all the time (and I mean all. the. time.) Even when she was very small she could hum recognizable tunes. As she got a little older she sang and talked gibberish nonstop. Perfect strangers would comment on it and warn me, "You are going to be in for it when she gets older!" Looks like they are going to be right ...

I've been feeling really well this past week. It's nice not to feel sick at any random time. Soon I'll have to start taking belly pictures since I am already popping out.

The Phillies have made it to the NLCS. They are playing the Dodgers. For as long as I can remember, my mom's dad has been a Dodgers fan. I can remember him watching Dodgers games on tv with the sound turned down while listening to the game on the radio when I was a little girl. Because I loved my Papaw, I loved the Dodgers too. So I can't root for the Phillies this series. I just can't do it. They are playing game 3 right now. Phillies are in the lead two games to one because they stomped all over the Dodgers tonight, 11-0. Ouch.Oh well. There will be at least one more game, so go Dodgers!

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