October 27, 2009


Look what we got to see today!

Everything looked great and the ultrasound tech put me at almost 14 weeks, which was a good week further along than I'd thought, with an EDD of April 28. We will never be able to fully celebrate our anniversary. It will forever be overshadowed by births and birthdays! But that's okay. I can handle it. :)

Hearing the hearbeat and seeing the baby moving around, waving arms and legs, was so amazing. How incredible that this tiny person, only a few weeks old, is so developed! And I got to see! What an awesome technological age we live in.


JLS said...

I will always be amazed, grateful and excited about your anniversary. :^) It was such a testimony of how capable God is of putting people together. It was a miraculous answer to prayer. Miracles like to happen in April :^)

Mommypants said...


Island Girl said...

That's so cool!