October 5, 2009

Big Girl Bed

The Boogie did so well in a regular bed at the hotel that when we came home My Man took apart her crib and we put her in her Big Girl Bed. The first night was actually just the mattress on the floor since we didn't have enough slats to support the mattress on the bed frame. She did pretty well the first night -- I think she only got up 3 or 4 times before falling asleep. Having the mattress on the floor made me feel comfortable that if she rolled off in her sleep she wouldn't have far to go.


The next day My Man cut more slats and we set up the bed itself. This bed is part of a set that my mom's parents bought for her when she was little. She passed it on to me and now the Boogie gets it! There is a dresser with a mirror (that I'm using), a nightstand (that is on My Man's side of our bed), and a desk (which is holding up the very computer I am writing this on.) Eventually the Boogie will get all of the furniture.

Taking the crib apart and replacing it with a bigger bed meant that some things were displaced and the furniture in her room needed to be rearranged. This is how it looks right now (and I do mean RIGHT NOW since I just snapped these photos about ten minutes ago -- HE is here this morning and as long as both girls are happy and content I don't care how many books and toys are strewn about.)



We are hoping to acquire a different dresser soon -- it's taller and narrower than the one she has now so that should free up some more wall space. There are three bins full of out-grown clothes that fit perfectly beneath her crib so I have to find somewhere else to put them now. Meanwhile we stack two of them right next to the bed at night in case the Boogie tries to roll off. Having just the mattress on slats instead of a box spring makes it the perfect height for her to climb on and off.
When I used to look at her sleeping in her crib I would think that she looked so big. Now seeing her curled up on a regular mattress I think she looks so small! That's okay with me -- she is growing so fast and learning so much. It makes me sad that my baby is just not a baby anymore. Good thing I'm getting another one!

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Abby said...

The bed is SOO cute!! Doesn't it make you sad when you realize they aren't babies anymore?!?!