October 15, 2009

Feels Nice

The Boogie has been doing very well in her Big Girl Bed. She has learned that she is not permitted to get out of the BGB once she is in it for the night. From time to time she feels it necessary to push that envelope a little bit, but for the most part she stays in bed after we put her there. When she wakes up in the morning she is very cautious about leaving her room -- I finally realized it's because she thinks she's not supposed to get out of bed! The two-year-old mind has a difficult time reasoning the difference between getting up at night and getting up in the morning. Yesterday morning I was sitting on the couch when she woke up. I heard her door open and looked down the hall to see just her head poking out the doorway. She saw me and waved. I waved back. "Honey," she whispered loudly, "I wanna wake up."

While I was sitting at the computer yesterday afternoon she climbed up behind me in the chair and began to rub my back. "Feels nice, honey?" she asked repeatedly. "Feels nice?"
"Oh, yes, that feels so nice!" I said. After a bit she got down and went over to the bookshelves where I keep her hair things and hairbrush. "I wanna brusher hair," she said. I found a different brush for her and she climbed back up in the chair and started brushing my hair. "Looks pretty!" she said delightedly. What a girlie-girl. :)

She plays so nicely by herself these days. Any two objects she can get her hands on have conversations with the Boogie providing the dialogue in different tones of voice. At this moment it is wooden magnet shapes. High voice: "Hello, gramma!"
Normal voice: "Hello, kiddo."
High voice: "What you doing?"
Normal voice: "I playing wif blocks."

She does really well picking up her toys, too, if I give her specific instructions about which ones to put away. Every now and then she'll pick up something all of her own accord.

We are half-heartedly potty-training. She loves to sit on her little potty and look at books. She knows she gets one M&M if she produces something. The other day she jumped up exclaiming, "Honey, honey, I go potty! I go potty!" Oddly enough the little puddle formed an "O" in the bottom of the seat. "Look!" she said excitedly, "a letter!" 

The last couple of days she has spent a lot of time with her cousins. Yesterday while I worked she was at 52 with all the rest of the cousins. Later she went grocery shopping with her grandparents and was so exhausted she fell asleep in the shopping cart on a bag of apples.

How come she never does that for me?

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Cove Girl said...

Because you're the mom. Very endearing in any case.