October 29, 2009

A Small Phillies Fan

Can you guess who dressed this child last night? I'll give you a hint: it wasn't her mother. We are having revival services this week. They start at seven each night and since I work until seven on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, on those nights My Man is responsible for getting himself and the Boogie to church. Last night was the first game of the World Series in which the Phillies whooped up on That Team and I guess My Man thought the Boogie should be appropriately dressed. Please note the black Mary Jane "church shoes" with the red socks that she must wear pulled up to her knees. No matter how nicely I fold her socks down, she always immediately must pull them up to her knees.

Isn't she just about the cutest Phillies fan you have ever seen? And she loves to watch baseball.

(Please ignore the fact that the player in this shot is from That Team. It was an unfortunate photographic accident.)

As I said before, Phillies whooped up on That Team last night! It was awesome. Cliff Lee pitched an incredible game. Go Phillies!

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