October 22, 2009

So Sorry, Dodgers

10-4. Ouch. At least I taught the Boogie to say "Go Jodgers!"

Now for the next series I will definitely be rooting for the Phillies, especially if they play against That Team from New York.

Today is Thursday. I love Thursdays. I get to stay home! There are two cousins here right now playing with the Boogie. Actually the cousins are playing and the Boogie is whining and crying. It's supposed to reach a balmy 77 degrees so we'll be heading outside at some point. The trees in the neighborhood are starting to turn wonderful colors. The one right outside our living room is fading to yellow, and the one outside our bedroom will soon be yellow, orange, and red. Despite fall being a precursor to winter, I do like the colors! I also like apple cider. Mmmm, I think I need to do some grocery shopping ...

Yesterday the Boogie informed me sadly that she was in "gweat twouble." I'm pretty sure she said it because when she is struggling with something I will ask her, "Are you having trouble? Do you need some help?" She's a funny kid.

She also thinks the word is "snuggy" instead of "snuggly." I think she got that from seeing commercials for the Snuggie, the "blanket with sleeves."

She loves to wrap up in a blanket and tells us delightedly that she is "nice and snuggy!"

There is a local church in our area that does a children's toys and clothes swap twice a year. It is a wonderful ministry and lots and lots of people participate in donating as well as acquiring! There are childrens clothes in all sizes, shoes, coats, toys, books, puzzle, games, cribs, strollers, pack'n'plays -- you name it, it's probably there. I've gone a couple of times and always come home with lots of clothes for the Boogie. I went to the fall swap the other night and instead of heading right to the clothes tables when the doors opened, I made my way over to the baby gear and look what I got! (Hint: it's not the small boy.)

I am thrilled! We didn't have a swing for the Boogie and I really regretted it. We did borrow a small travel swing from SIL1 which was nice for taking back and forth to work when the Boogie was very small and went with me, but she never liked it. A full-sized swing was on my must-have list for this baby. I don't know yet if it works because I need to get batteries, but it was free! If it doesn't work all it cost me was my time. Well, time and batteries!

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