October 11, 2009

"Dere's A Baby In Here"

We talk about the new baby with the Boogie, but she doesn't seem to understand at all. I truly haven't expected her to, but I still talk about it. I ask her where the baby is, and I pat my stomach and say "Here's the baby!" We talked about it a little bit tonight. She said something about a baby sister, and that was about the extent of our conversation.

When it was time for bed we went through the usual routine of praying with her, kisses, locating burpies and her cup, and tucking her in. As I was getting ready to leave she said, "Dere's a baby in here." Thinking one of her baby dolls had made it's way into her bed, I turned back to her and asked, "What?"
"Dere's a baby in here," she repeated. She was patting her own stomach. "Dere's a baby in here, in da tummy."

I know it's something most small children do, but it's so cute when it's my own small child saying it! :)

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