October 23, 2009

I Was Wrong

We did have a regular swing for the Boogie when she was a baby. It was a used one that someone gave to us and never worked right. It would swing for about five minutes then stop and refuse to work again for a few days. So while we technically did have one, it was pretty much useless. I hope this swing works better than that one did.

Last night on the way to church the Boogie suddenly held her hand to her chest and asked, "Is that my skomach?" She kept asking over and over. It made me laugh.

I had a wonderful day off yesterday. After lunch the Boogie and I went for a walk and finished up in the backyard at 52 so she could play for a bit. The weather was beautiful! You couldn't ask for a more lovely fall day. And I didn't take a single picture ... oh well!

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