August 3, 2011


Eric has been calling the Pheebs Peabody. While we were in Washington my parents picked up on it and we all started calling her that. That child surely does have a lot of nicknames: Phebis, Pheeboo, Phoobee, Wo Phat, Pheebs, Peabody. For a while the Boogie called her Phahbis (it doesn't look right when I write it -- say it out loud.) But I love Peabody the most lately.

Tonight at bedtime Eric asked her, "Are you ready to go sleepies?" and she immediately collapsed onto the bed and started SNORING.

Man, I love that kid. She is hilarious.


Chrissy said...

Aw, that's so cute! She does have an awesome personality! : ) So adorable. : )

Meleah said...

Such a fun age. Caleb & Garrison should write a book on 20 reasons why I can't fall asleep. There's a moth in our room. I got a question. I need another book. It's too hot, etc... The girls on the other hand are usually asleep in less than 10 minutes of us closing the door. Every once in awhile we hear Elyssia say, "baby is too full of play and she's keeping me awake:)". Enjoy the nicknames while you can, cause she probably won't like them when she's older:).

Chuck said...

Do you remember "Mr Peabody" from the Bullwinkle cartoon? Mr. Peabody and his boy, Sherman had a "wayback" machine.

Katie said...

Oh that is too cute! And "Wo Phat" made me lol. :)