October 13, 2011


The Boogie was being silly in the car. "You are so goofy," I told her.
"Sometimes," she replied, "I think I'm just a genie-us."

The other day she went to library storytime with her auntie and cousin. "Will you miss me?" I asked.
"No," she said, "I never miss anyone when I'm with Auntie J and DR."

Peabody babbles sentences and ends them with a word that we can understand. Blah blah blah Daddy, blah blah cracker, blah blah blah cup. Something she's been saying for a week or two sounds like "dooooey." Blah blah blah dooooey. I thought she was saying "What are you doooing?" because I say that to her sometimes. But I figured out the other day that she is saying story. I like it so much that I instruct her several times a day to "say 'story'." She will try to say almost anything we tell her to.

Her answer to almost any question we ask her is "no" with an m.
Me: "Are you sleepy?"
P: slight hesitation, quick headshake, "mo," sticks her thumb in her mouth.
Me: "Do you wanna play with toys?"
P: slight hesitation, quick headshake, "mo," snatches a toy from my hand.
Me: "Do you need your blanky?"
P: slight hesitation, quick headshake, "mo," runs over to pick up her blanky.
Unless it's related to consuming anything. 
Me: "Do you want a cup?"
P: "Cup! Cup! Cup!"

We went for a walk while the Boogie was gone. Peabody noticed some American flags stuck in someone's fence. "Flag," I said. "Laig!" she repeated. We continued around the block. An old black dog ran alongside us inside his fenced yard, barking. Peabody slowed down, fascinated. Finally she stopped, turned toward the dog, and "barked" ferociously back at him. At this age the Boogie would have burst into tears if a dog barked at her. Peabody has some spunk. After dinner we went on another walk with the Boogie. Peabody found a leaf and waved it over her head. "Laig! Laig!" she shouted. The Boogie and I laughed. "No, silly girl," we told her, "that's not a flag, it's a leaf. Leaf!"
"Laig!" she shouted, waving her leaf.

Tonight she brought a pair of her sandals to us and babbled something ending in "plap plop." I looked at Eric and frowned. He looked at me and frowned. Then it dawned on him: "Flip-flop!" he exclaimed. Ha! I think I like that one better than "dooooey."
"Pheebs, say 'flip-flop'."
"Plap plop."
Okay, I am easily amused.When it was time for church I said, "Let's put on your socks and shoes," and she looked at me in consternation, pointed at her feet and said, "Blah blah blah plap plop!" So, she wore sandals to church.

Another new one today is Dora: "Doowah."

Man, I love that kid.


Chrissy said...

Plap plop is just the cutest thing! My little sister used to call flip flops fa fops. : )

Katie said...

Oh how I love the Phebis! Isn't this age just so fun?? I wish we lived by each other...I think our girls would be besties! I miss seeing you on yuku! Where've ya been, girl??

Jersey Mama said...

Chrissy, I never correct pronunciation (unless it's embarrassing) because I think it's so cute and figure they will outgrow it eventually anyway.

Katie, I know! Our girls would totally be BFFs. If you ever want to take a family vacation to the east coast, we have an extra bedroom and are 45 minutes from Philly, 2 hours from NYC, an hour from the shore, 3 hours from Baltimore, and about 4 hours from D.C.! Just sayin' :)

As for Yuku, just taking a little break. :) It's nice to know I'm missed! lol

Dear Abbi said...

This is just so adorable!!