April 7, 2012

A Good Day

Waffles for breakfast.

Fun on the playground and a walk on the trail at a local park.

Mother/daughter time with the Boogie: her first manicure!
The guy who did her nails was tickled by her. "You are going to be so smart!" he kept telling her. "You ask so many questions!"

When it was time to choose a color for her nails she picked -- can you guess? Yellow! I should have known. "Are you sure?" I asked several times. "You don't want pink, or red, or something sparkly?"

No pink, or red, or anything sparkly. She wanted yellow. So she got yellow.

We had a Papa John's gift card so Eric ordered a pizza for us to pick up on our way home. After I paid for it the guy at the counter asked, "Do you like pepperoni or cheese? Someone didn't pick up their order." He gave us another pizza for free!

A short walk around the block with Mama Dog after dinner, and some quality time with Mary Poppins after showers:

and now two little girls are on their way to dreamland.

Yep, it was a good day.


Primetime Babyboomers said...

That actually sounds like a perfect day. I love the boogies nails. I would have never thought about choosing yellow, but she wears it well.

Katie said...

Love the yellow nails! That is too cute.