October 6, 2012

Biker Girlies

For weeks before our trip the Boogie talked about going for a ride on Pops' motorcycle. "He has a kid helmet," she informed us on multiple occasions. She talked about it so much that I finally thought to ask him if he'd actually told her he was going to take her for a ride. I wrote to him and he responded that he didn't remember saying anything, and that besides she was too little. Uh-oh, I thought, she is going to be one disappointed little girl if she doesn't get to go. Pops offered to start up the bike and let her sit on it and go from there -- if she seemed okay with that he would take her for a very slow ride up and down the street. She doesn't like loud noises at all and I really anticipated that she would chicken out. But she didn't!

They went down the street and came back. "What did you think?" Pops asked the Boogie. "Did you like it? Do you want to stop, or would you like to go one more time?"
"Weeeellll," the Boogie considered, "I think ... I want to go one more time." I was so impressed that she went at all. What can I say? The kid is kinda wimpy.

As they rode away the first time Peabody burst into tears. "I go too!" she wailed. So after the Boogie's ride Peabody sat on the back of the bike, and then Pops rode in a circle while Mom walked alongside. She loved it! She shouted goodbye to everyone.

Adorable little biker babies.


Chrissy said...

I love it!!! Way to go, Boogie! Makes me miss Dan's motorcycle...not that I would be able to ride it now anyways! : )

Rhonda said...

This some day granny just nearly had a stroke with Peabody and no helmet. But I recovered and had a great time with the videos.