October 28, 2013

The Boogie's Perspective

After church one evening I asked, as always, "Did you have a snack in class?"
"Yes," the Boogie replied, "I had one small, thin cookie. That was it."
"Oh!" I said, "It sounds to me that you aren't very grateful for what you got. You should always be thankful for things you get, even if you think they are small."
"Well," she said honestly, "a big, thick cookie would be more grateful."

I sneezed and exclaimed, "Ouch!"
"What's the matter, Honey?" she asked. "What hurts?"
"My uterus!" I joked.
"What's a uterus?" she asked.
"It's an organ in my stomach, what the baby is growing in right now," I explained.
"Oh," she giggled, "it sounds like a planet."
Uterus: The Ninth Planet.

We were reading a book and there was an illustration of a group of people with upset faces. "Look at those people," I said, "they look very ... "
"Sad!" Peabody said.
"And what else?" I prompted, going for "angry" or "upset."
"Morose!" The Boogie said.
My jaw dropped. "Morose?" I repeated dumbly. She began to backpedal.
"Wait ... what does 'morose' mean?" she asked hesitantly.
"No, you're right!" I quickly assured her, "It means 'sad' and you used it right."
"Yeah, I know," she recovered herself, "I knew that's what it means."
"That's such a good word to know how to use correctly!" I praised her.
"Yeah, I know," she agreed.
Smart, and also humble.

She wanted a nurse's cap, so she made one. It looks like a bishop's hat but we didn't tell her that.
She definitely got that creative gene from my mother -- it skipped right over me!

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Katina said...

Funny and cute! :)