August 12, 2014

Mr. A is Six Months Old

Look at this fine fat fellow. Isn't he delicious?

I tell him all the time, "You are so cute. I'm going to eat your face!" And then I nibble his cheeks and kiss his neck and make him laugh.

He's generally kind of serious but lately we've been getting more chuckles out of him.

He is getting very grabby and of course everything goes to his mouth. He likes to hold my face with both hands and try to eat it.

He rolls all over the place, and when he's on our bed he puts his head down and pushes himself around with his legs. We call him bulldozer baby when he does that. He does it a little bit at the beginning of this video, but sometimes he bulldozes all over the bed!

The last couple of days he has been pushing up on his hands and knees so we'll see where that goes -- the Boogie started crawling around 8 months, I think, but Peabody was about 6.5 months when she started.

I'm so not ready for crawling! Ack!

He's starting to sit up for a few minutes at a time without toppling over. He's kind of wobbly but does pretty well until he notices his toes and leans over to get them in his mouth.

He cut his first bottom tooth a few weeks ago, and the second one last week.

He is starting to eat baby food. Avocado was first, and he's also had sweet potato, squash, applesauce, bananas, and oatmeal. He had his first food while Mrs. Specktacular was here. When I commented that he seemed to like it she replied, "I think he's going to like everything." She's been mostly right -- while he doesn't refuse it, I don't think he cares much for the squash. *sigh* Apparently I'm the only person in this family who likes that.

He had his six-month well-check last week. He was 18 lbs 6 oz. & 26 inches long.

From about the time he was 3 months old when people ask how old he is and I tell them, the response is always, "He's so big!" But he doesn't seem that big to me, and he fits in age-appropriate clothes for the most part. I began to suspect it was the size of his head and sure enough at his 4-month-well-check his head measured in at the ninetieth percentile. Well. That explains it. 

He is nice and solid. Someone told my mom that picking him up is like picking up a bowling ball. "Then," she continued, "he starts to flap his arms." Which is true. He flaps his arms and squeals and grunts when he is excited. Lela gave him a new nickname, Redondo, because it sounds like a nice round bowling ball baby!

We sure like this boy.


Meleah said...

He's doing awesome and sounds like a fun little guy. I think he's the same size as Samuel, who is 8 months on the 16th. Samuel got his two bottom teeth last week. It was so quick that I thought he just had one. Sounds like he's going to get them as quickly as the first two siblings. I wasn't sure I was ready for the crawling either, but then he started pulling up on everything and he's so pleased with himself, that I can't help smiling back:).

Chrissy said...

He is such a handsome sweetie. : )