October 10, 2010

The Little White House: Demolition

There has been a lot of work going on at the little white house. My Man's brothers have been extremely helpful!

At first we thought we could take some loads of debris to the dump. Then our garage started looking like this.

So now there is a dumpster in our driveway.

That contact paper on the walls? Turns out it was actually on removable panels. Remove a few screws and off they came!
While peeling the contact paper off of the cabinets I discovered shiny Pepto Bismol pink coating underneath the paint. At first I thought it meant that the cabinets were made out of plastic or some other non-wood material, but My Man assured me that they are indeed wood covered with, well, shiny Pepto Bismol pink coating. We are going to try to salvage them but it's going to take some work. All of the hardware is painted over and all of the paint will have to be stripped (I think.) I hope we can do it. I really like the retro scalloping.

After some clean up the guys are ready to start some construction.

Check out the vintage heat lamp BIL1 found in the attic.
There's still quite a bit of flooring and carpet that needs to come out.

Yesterday we went to Home Depot to check out some fire trucks. MA's husband was there with his fire company and their, as the Boogie would say, "very shiny shiny shiny clean truck." She was willing to sit on the seat but wasn't too thrilled about wearing the hat.

We had lunch at Friday's where I got to eat standing up because the Phebis didn't want to stay in her car seat or be held while the holder was sitting. I'll be happy when she can sit unsupported in a high chair in restaurants.

We picked out some paint for the bedrooms. The Boogie's room will be yellow per her request. The other small bedroom will be a very light green. Our bedroom will be a slightly darker green. I haven't made up my mind about living room or kitchen paint yet. I need to base the kitchen wall and cabinet paint on the countertop colors, and I need to paint a swatch on the living room wall to make that final decision. It's fun to choose colors but hard. Who knew it would be so challenging?

While at Home Depot we found some base cabinets for the kitchen on clearance. My coworkers had given us a gift card (so nice of them!) but I'd left it at home, so as soon as we got home My Man took the card and headed back to Home Depot with his dad's truck. When he got there, barely more than an hour after we left, almost all of the cabinets were gone! Thankfully the few that we needed were still there, plus we got another good percentage off of the clearance price. Yet another way that God has been providing for us! 


Wendy Glosser said...

oh pleasepleaseplease continue to include pics!! I'm going to love watching this!

The Mold-ee :) said...


Abby said...

Looks like A LOT of work, but so worth it in the end. You are going to have such a cute little cozy house:)

Rhonda said...

Oh my! I am dying to know what your kitchen will look like!