October 13, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

I know that the thing to do is to have a Wordless Wednesday with just pictures, but I have too many words.

I've mentioned before that it is hard to make the Phebis laugh. Lately it has become a little easier as she gets older and is learning to laugh instead of squirm and grunt when she is tickled. Still, though, it can be a challenge to really get her laughing. So yesterday when I heard some chuckling from her it immediately got my attention. I looked over to see this:

She sure likes her big sister!

She's been putting herself to sleep pretty often which is awesome, but it does take some time and fussing to get there. I usually hang out close by so that I can help her if she gets stuck in the corner of the crib (she knows how to go forward but not backward) or gets her leg stuck between crib slats. This morning I checked on her once things got quiet and saw this:

It made me laugh.

Then while I was at work MIL sent this picture to my phone:

Do you see that? My baby is holding her own bottle. And it wasn't just a fluke thing, either. Later My Man sent me this picture.
And I must admit, that makes me kind of sad. She is getting so big. Time goes by so quickly.

Work continues on the little white house. All of the drywall is up and lots of lights have been installed in the living room and bedroom. The taping and mudding guy will come next week to tape and mud. My Man said it would take a month if he tried to do it himself, so we're getting a professional. That means carpet installation will have to be pushed back but that's okay -- there is plenty to do between now and then. We'll start serious work on the other two bedrooms as well as the bathroom and kitchen.

SO many people have helped us so far. SIL2's brother hangs drywall for a living but is laid off right now, so he came over and hung ours. BIL2 and the Boogie's friend Chief helped with that. Chief and his family live right around the corner from the little white house and both he and his wife came over yesterday and worked on it -- we weren't even there! MIL said it is like having a day shift and a night shift. FIL and both of My Man's brothers have spent lots of time over there, especially BIL2. He has really been a driving force behind getting things going and keeping them going. He has worked SO hard on our little house. And remember the pictures of piles of debris in the garage? That wasn't all of it; there ended up being a lot more. BIL1 single-handedly moved ALL of it into the dumpster! We are so grateful. God is so good to us!

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That video was sooo adorable!!!!!!