February 11, 2011

NINE Months Old

Sweet baby girl, why must you grow bigger?

Don't you know that I NEED you to stay just this size?

You are so portable right now.

Even your sister can still hold you ... sort of.

Please don't cut any more teeth. I love the tiny toofer grin

You are as cute as you can possibly be and just couldn't become any cuter by getting bigger, so please stay  how you are for just a tiny bit longer, okay?

And no walking. You can just forget about that nonsense.

Oh, all right. I guess you can learn how to walk. But absolutely, positively no running!

I'm such a pushover.


Chrissy said...

I just love her. She and Boogie look more and more alike as they get older!

Blessed Momma said...

Happy nine months cutie!

Alyssa H said...

awwwww.....that's so cute!! I love her little "toofer grin". hehe