April 5, 2011

My Baby Girl

 ... is getting so big. She is so smart!

One day I was blowing bubbles for the Boogie. Phebis kept trying to take the bubble wand so finally I let her, thinking she would put it in her mouth and be in for a soapy surprise. But no, instead she tried to put the wand into the bottle. She had been watching me and knew just what she was supposed to do with it.

She also likes to hold the spoon while I'm feeding her and put it in her mouth herself. I have to hold it, too, because she doesn't have very good aim. But she can do it some of the time!

She waves "hi" and "bye". She likes to violently shake or nod her head. She babbles a lot, just like the Boogie did. She looks right into our faces and talks to us very seriously. It's obvious that she has something important that she just has to get off her chest -- too bad we don't speak her language. The other day I noticed her sitting on the floor looking at some CDs on a shelf. She would babble something then laugh, babble something then laugh, over and over. I sneaked over with my phone to take a video but of course as soon as I got close enough she stopped doing it.

She says "uh-oh" and lately has been saying a few other things. I thought maybe they were random, chance happenings, but she has done it enough times that I really think she is saying it on purpose. She says "mama" all the time. More than once she has seen Eric's mom and exclaimed "Mummmum!" The other night she waved her arm at his dad and said, "Puh-puh," and then later that night when Eric came into view she said "Daddy" clear as anything!

She is starting to give kisses, big open-mouth slobbery wet ones. If we say, "Give me a kiss," she says "mmmmmMUH" or makes kissy noises. Within the past couple of weeks I've noticed that she will wrap her arm around my neck and hug it when I'm holding her. She has become a little bit more snuggly, especially if she has her blankie while we're holding her.

She does the cutest little nose crinkle when she grins. This is the closest I've come to catching it on camera.

Because of her limited amounts of transparent hair, I put stretchy headbands on her for church. Sometimes she will leave them alone but more often she will pull them off right away. This past Sunday, however, she left it alone all morning and when we got home from church I took it off and tossed it on the floor. A little bit later Eric nudged me and pointed at Pheeboo -- she had the headband and was trying to put it on. She used both hands to stretch it, then put it on top of her head. She sat there for a good five minutes, trying to put on that headband. The next day while I was brushing the Boogie's hair, the Boogie was "combing" the baby's hair, er, head. Phebis got hold of the comb and began to comb her own head.

She likes to explore. She pulls the scarves out of their basket. All small toys must be pulled from their bins and strewn across the playroom floor. Books and CDs are pulled off of shelves. Her little fingers have been pinched multiple times in drawers but that doesn't stop her the next time. She can't crawl past the bins blocking doorways, but has learned that if she is persistent enough she can sometimes stand up and inch her way sideways through the gaps.

She still refuses to stand unassisted but will walk anywhere with someone holding her hands. If I tried to let go with one hand she used to immediately sit down. One day I was holding one of her hands and she had a grip on her jacket with the other. She thought I was holding both of her hands and she was walking around just fine! Proof of mind over matter. In the last couple of days she has gained enough confidence to walk around while only holding one hand.

Yesterday was a beautiful day and when I got home from work Eric was outside with both girls. We have a nice driveway just right for a baby in a walker. She was walking all over the place, holding her head in both hands. It was cracking us up.

Today I asked her, "Where's your nose?" and she grabbed mine! What a smart baby.

And pretty cute, too.


Meleah said...

Kiersten loved the video. We watched it 3 times and she laughed and talked to Phoebe the whole time:). Is Dena helpful in keeping Phoebe out of trouble. I've found that the older 3 are getting really helpful with that. It's like Kiersten has 5 parents telling her no, hot, get down, etc... Kiersten doesn't think it's so great, but I appreciate all the extra eyes and hands:).

Dear Abbi said...

She is so cute and sounds like such a delight! And good for you for writing down all of those details!! I love reading back through things like that (when I actually took the time to write them down).