June 22, 2012


When I quit working to stay at home, I thought for sure I would have more time for blogging.

You can see for yourself how that has gone.

Oh well.

Peabody had her 2 year well check the other day. She was very excited to go to the doctor, since she and the Boogie play doctor all.the.time. At 25 months old she:
-is 34.5 inches tall (fiftieth percentile)
-weighs 26 lbs. 9.5 oz. (fiftieth percentile)
-has a head circumference of 49.5 cm (ninetieth percentile. ha!)

She is right on track with development (stacks things, puts words together, jumps, etc.) which is good because in other areas I felt like Mom of the Year ... or not.
Nurse practitioner: "Do you need another prescription for more floride drops for her?"
Me: "Oh uhhh, yes that would be great." I'm pretty sure I still have the one from the last visit since I never had it filled.
NP: "And what about the blood testing for lead? Do you remember if you've had that done?"
Me: "Um, hmm, no, we haven't done that yet."
NP: "Do you need another script for that? Or do you still have one?"
Me: "A new script would be great." Because while I probably still have the old one I doubt the lab will honor it since it's dated for, like, a year ago.
(And because I try to be fair like that, the Boogie has not been tested for lead either, nor does she get floride drops.)
NP: "Is she still breaking out in hives?"
Me: "No, the hives outbreaks are becoming few and far between."
NP: "So did you ever take her to see an allergist?"
Me: Shoot, I forgot I was supposed to do that. "No, no, I never did take her."
NP: "Oh, well, that's okay, since she's not breaking out as much I guess it doesn't really matter. And what about the other specialist? When was the last visit ... looks like February 2011. He was concerned about that one issue?"
Me: When is this grilling going to end??? "No, we haven't gone back. I should probably call ..."

Yep, stellar mom, right here.

Hey, at least she can use a camera.

Hmm ... or maybe not.

We are venturing into the world of cloth diapering. It is a little late to be getting into it, I guess, since Peabody will most likely be potty-trained in the not-too-distant future. I've long considered using cloth diapers with the next baby (when and if! No announcements at this time!) and one day I thought, why not try it now? That way if there's a learning curve (and there often is with me) I can figure it out before the days of newborn haze. So far so good -- I like it, and it's easier than I thought it would be. Plus they're awfully cute.
Ideally they would save us money over disposable diapers in the long run ... but there are such cute ones available that it's hard to resist buying them!

Meanwhile for many months she has been showing some interest in using the potty. I have her sit on it a few times per day and she usually manages to produce something; every now and then she'll tell me she needs to go. The Boogie is very helpful because she will sit on the edge of the tub and "read" books to her sister until Peabody does what she needs to do. I'm just sort of following her lead -- I'm not in any hurry. I'd rather change (and wash) diapers than clean up puddles.

She loves i meem (ice cream) and kee kaks (tic tacs.)
The other day she asked for "bloot." Bloot? The Boogie and I puzzled over that one for several minutes until we figured out that she was asking for fruit.
She likes ga' gogs (hot dogs) but her FAVORITE thing is a meebuhguh (cheeseburger) from McDonald's.
She doesn't like milk; she does like apple juice but will just as often ask for wah-wer.
She asks for sips of wocky (coffee) from our cups -- hot or iced, she doesn't care. That's my girl.
She calls the dog Memmy Gil (Penny Girl.)
When it's time to get dressed she asks if she needs "keem pampies? Keem pampies, Honey?" (clean panties)
If I open the hall closet, she immediately says "Ow. Ow. Ah wa' mam-aid, Honey!" (I want a band-aid)
When she yawns she says that she's pleepy (sleepy) and goes in search of her lally (blanky.) Any other blanket, however, is a lanky. 
She loves to sit on my blap and wock in my chair.
If we're going outside she needs plee-plops (flip-flops. Or shoes. It's interchangeable.)
She sings "If you're happy and you know it, plap your hands!"

She likes to pretend that her hand is a phone; not only will she hold it up to her ear and pretend to talk on it, but she will pretend to take a picture, turn the palm toward herself and use the pointer finger of her other hand to swipe across it, "click" on something (complete with a tongue click), say "awwwww," then turn her hand toward us and say, "Look!"
She still likes to snuggle with me and I'm so glad about that. When she sits on my lap sucking her thumb and clutching her blanky, she's still my baby.

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