June 14, 2012

Uncle Furry's News

My baby brother is getting married.

How can this possibly be? Isn't he still only 14 years old? *sigh* I am starting to feel really old, man.

Uncle Furry was born about a month before I turned nine. I adored him. He was like a real live doll. When he was a baby I loved to rock and snuggle him. I remember grinding up bananas for him in that baby food grinder thingy. I remember feeding him baby food out of jars (and sneaking bites of the fruit.) We shared a room for a couple of years. As a toddler he drove me crazy humming and singing himself to sleep; on the other hand, at bedtime I'd get him out of his crib and play with him instead of going to sleep. When he started kindergarten I was beginning high school -- I remember singing the letter sound songs with him as he learned them.

And now he's all grown up, holding down a job, renting his own place ... and about to get married.

I haven't met my SIL-to-be yet, but I hear only great things about her! She's a brave woman to marry into our crazy family.
photo courtesy of Uncle Furry
So, the good news is that a wedding in Washington means a trip to Washington for us! I'm so excited to see my family. For the first time I don't have to come home and return to work, so the girls and I will stay a bit longer than Eric.

The bad news is that our Great Bathroom Renovation is now postponed yet again. I figure that since it's Uncle Furry's fault that I have to live with the nasty bathroom for another year, he can just come out here in 2013 and help with the renovation!

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Rhonda said...

Yeah, why isn't he still 14? I'm excited for him, but the soon to be SIL, well I'm pretty sure she has an idea of what her new life could be like.