August 31, 2013

Check Ups

The girls had their yearly well-checks this week. Only four months overdue for the Boogie, and three months for Peabody! I couldn't believe how full the schedule was at their pediatrician's office -- I made the appointments back in June, and they couldn't get us in for two months. That being said, we've never had any trouble getting an appointment on the same day if someone is sick (which is rare, praise the Lord.)

First they got weighed and measured.

The Boogie, at 6 years and 4 months old, is 46 lbs. and 46 inches tall.

Peabody, at 3 years and 3 months old, is 32 lbs. and 36 inches tall.

Then the Boogie had her vision and hearing checked, and both were perfect. Peabody won't do that until next year.

Then we were put in a room and both girls changed into gowns. They were very excited about that.

The Boogie had her check-up first while Peabody watched intently. During Peabody's turn when the doctor asked her questions the Boogie kept piping up with answers -- I think we need to work on that bad habit!

Both girls checked out perfectly and the best part for them was that neither of them needed any shots. That's a perfect visit to the doctor! The best part for me was that my car started despite me having left the headlights on. Oops.

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