August 8, 2013

The Specktacular Girls

A couple of weeks ago I drove up to Newark International Airport to pick up Mrs. Specktacular and her two girls. Mr. S didn't come along this time, so poor Eric was totally and completely outnumbered by six females plus Mama Dog.

We had made some plans for day trips with the kids but aside from a visit to a local park, a trip to our favorite ice cream place, and a day of shopping and Chick-fil-a, we ended up staying home a lot. Despite the oldest Specktacular girl not feeling well for the first few days, I think overall the girls had a great time playing together. (Many photos are courtesy of Mrs. S since I did my usual forget-to-take-pictures thing.)


We put them in the pool a couple of times -- one afternoon they were in it for hours! Mrs. S, bless her heart, did some edging along our front walkway, and weeded the front garden, back patio, and rock "garden" in the back where Mama Dog likes to hang out. I really dislike weeding (actually I really dislike yard work in general) and the weeds were ginormous and taking over everything. The gardens and patio look fantastic now!

Mrs. S and I did venture to New York while they were here. Eric was able to take Saturday off of work to stay with all of the kids which worked out really well. While there is usually someone willing to babysit, I felt that four kids ages 3, 4, 5, and 6 was a lot to ask of anyone. Well, you know, anyone except my own husband.

We took the train which is my favorite way to travel to NYC. Park my car in a parking garage, buy a ticket, and sit on a train for an hour? Yes, please!

From Penn Station we caught the subway to the American Museum of Natural History where we spent a few hours before walking across Central Park to the Met. I hadn't been to either museum before -- all through the first one I kept thinking, "The Boogie would love this."

By the time we left it was starting to get kind of crowded, so we were glad we made it our first stop. Our walk through the park was a comedy of errors as we kept getting turned around on the walking trails, but we made it!

The Met was amazing. I greatly enjoyed the Civil War and American art exhibits they have going on right now. I was glad it was our second stop because I was starting to get pretty tired, and it was so nice to be able to rest on a bench and ponder a painting for several minutes before moving on. There were a lot of people there but it rarely felt crowded in the galleries. For sure I want to go back to the Museum of Natural History with Eric and the Boogie, and I want to take my mom to the Met the next time she visits.
Central Park from the roof of the Met

Once we finished at the Met we caught another subway to Times Square where we wandered a bit (no Naked Cowboy this trip, thankfully, but unfortunately we walked past someone who called himself the Candyman -- he appeared to be dressed in only candy necklaces) and made our way to Junior's for dinner and a much-need bowl-sized-cup of coffee ... needed by me, anyway, as Mrs. S is not a coffee-drinker. I do love Junior's. It was worth the thirty-minute wait for a table.

After being fortified by food and drink we walked back to Penn Station and caught a train for home. It was a REALLY fun day! I was nervous about making our way around the city and riding the subway, though it turned out that Mrs. S is a better navigator than I am (the GPS on her phone may have had something to do with that), and also is more observant as she kept me from boarding the wrong subway train!

The night before they left was our first night of vacation Bible school which, while not really relaxing for the adults, I think was a fun way for the girls to end their visit.

Thanks for visiting, Specktacular girls! We had fun!

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