September 16, 2013

This And That

The Boogie was chatting with FIL, discussing caterpillars and moths or something, when FIL said, "I'm perplexed! Are you perplexed?"
"Well, I would be," the Boogie said, "if I knew what it means."

Sometimes we watch old tv shows on MeTV, things like I Love Lucy and The Brady Bunch. The downside to watching things on tv is that there are commercials, and the channels that play older shows have commercials aimed for older people. So it follows that while watching Leave It To Beaver Peabody informed me, "I want a alert. If I fall down I can push da button," she indicated an imaginary necklace around her neck, "and da firefighters will run to me. And da police will get da bad guys away."

We watched one episode of Gilligan's Island. Just one episode. Almost a week later we went to Chick-fil-a, and the girls played in the play area for a while after they ate. There were two little boys around the same ages playing with them -- both boys were dark-haired with bowl cuts. In the car on the way home Peabody talked about them, referring to one as "dat boy wif hair like Gilligan's." Ha! She was right!

(Sidenote: since I've now been writing this post for approximately 27 days, I should point out that two or three weeks later she still talks about "dose boys dat look like Gilligan.")

Eric laid on the Boogie's bed for a few minutes at bedtime. After prayer and hugs they traded places and she immediately complained, "Daddy made one of my spots hot, and I don't like it when my bed is hot."

While snuggling Peabody I accidentally tickled her and she squirmed and giggled. "Dat tickles!" she exclaimed.
"I'm sorry," I apologized.
"No sorry!" she said, growing serious. "Don't say sorry for tickles. I LOVE tickles!"

Every now and then Peabody will come up to me and ask, "Can I see your uvula?" I don't know where that fascination came from.

Sometimes she will randomly exclaim, "Nip it! Nip it in da bud!" Bonus points to the person who knows where that came from.

One evening we had hamburgers, macaroni and cheese, and broccoli for dinner. When Peabody's plate was clean she announced that she was finished. "Would you like any more?" I asked.
"Yes," she replied, "May I have some more broccoli, please?"
"Is that all? Do you want some more burger or mac'n'cheese?"
"No," she said, "just broccoli."
A few nights later she asked for more peas and carrots. What a weird kid.

She prefaces words with "un" unnecessarily: glue is unglue, tie is untie, cut is uncut etc.

She and the Boogie play often with baby dolls, pretending that they are the parents. One day from out in the living room we could hear Peabody in the playroom sternly reprimanding her baby: "Don't do dat anymore! I told you five ... I told you six times!"

She asked to have her nails painted. "Honey, can you paint my toenails? Because dey are really not byoo-ah-ful."

The Boogie has been asking to do jobs for pay so she can save up money for a certain toy. After one of our "what can I do to earn some money?" conversations, Peabody asked, "Honey, can you give me a quarter for playing?" I guess it never hurts to ask ...

Since the Boogie is now in first grade, she's graduated from the beginners Sunday school class to the primary one, and to the older junior church class. She is SO excited to be in what she calls the "second" class. Every time someone asks her what grade she's in, she tells them first grade, and the second class at church. It's very strange for me to not have her in my class anymore, since I've taught her for almost four years. But I've still got Peabody who will be around for a while yet, and by the time she graduates up Bacon will probably be starting!

The Boogie has been asking for a jump rope for a while. The week before school started we found some at the dollar store so she chose a yellow one while Peabody picked blue. The Boogie couldn't wait to try hers out and as soon as we got home she went right to the backyard to practice. Within ten minutes she tripped up in the rope, did a face plant on the patio, bruised and scraped her chin, split her lip pretty badly, and knocked out a tooth! For a few seconds I panicked, thinking that she'd lost one of her adult teeth, but thankfully it was the last of her baby teeth in the front -- it had been loose though not quite ready to come out, so her gum was bruised too. Poor kid. What a way for her wish to play out! Once she got over the initial shock and pain she was pleased that she'd lost another tooth. She healed up pretty quickly. Thankfully it didn't happen any closer to school picture day!

Mama Dog has been banished from carpeted areas ever since we had them cleaned in the spring. At first we kept the pet gate up, then we took it down and chased her with a spray bottle back into the kitchen enough times for her to get the idea. She did pretty well staying on her rug just inside the kitchen door, but lately she's been pushing the envelope by laying just outside the kitchen door. The command "Get in the kitchen!" is heard multiple times a day. We let it go a lot, though, and just ignore her, as long as she stays just outside the door. Sometimes we'll tell her to get in the kitchen and she'll get up, turn around, and lay back down on the carpet with just her head on the kitchen rug.
"What? I AM in the kitchen."

At night the gate is put up and a drying rack blocks the door as well because, although she knows she isn't supposed to, she can easily jump over the gate. So:
1. Mama Dog knows she is supposed to stay in the kitchen.
2. Mama Dog knows she is not supposed to jump over the gate. If she does, she usually lays down right outside the kitchen door with her ears down, because she knows she's about to get into trouble.
3. For 17.5 of the 18 months that she has lived with us, she has not been allowed up on the furniture. Ever.

So, how is it then that when we occasionally forget to put the drying rack up, she will jump the gate, venture all the way across the living room, and sleep on the couch in the middle of the night? Usually Eric catches her since he's the first one up in the morning, but the other day she jumped back into the kitchen before anyone caught her -- the only way I knew she'd been on the couch was the fur on it! She is such a sneaky little booger.

And now, since I've been working on this post for forever, I think I'll just go ahead and publish it.
So stylish. Please note the hair sticking out of the hole on the side, since the hat is actually for a teddy bear.


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