September 9, 2013

This Kid

 ... chose her own clothes and then proceeded to cover her legs, feet, and face with stickers.

... asked me to drop her off at work this morning. I suggested she could walk, to which she agreed. Then she cried bitterly because I would not actually let her leave the house by herself.

... thinks it's hilarious to repeat back to me each sentence that I say to her.

... gets all wired on chocolate milk or lemonade.
... knows how to push her sister's buttons.
... can turn a perfect somersault.
... asks every night if she can sleep in her sister's bed.
... covers her ears and tells me, "I'm brave!" when it's time to wash her hair.
... still sucks her thumb when she's sleepy or upset.
... loves to cut and glue.
... is generous with hugs and kisses.
... makes us laugh every single day and brings great joy to our family!

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