January 11, 2014

Things I've Learned Lately

Dark-soled slippers will leave black marks all over the inside of your dryer drum.

Magic Eraser will remove black marks from your dryer drum.

Scrubbing out a dryer drum at 36 weeks pregnant is not fun.

A wet rag on a Swiffer mop head works great for washing walls. 

Binding a blanket takes a long time if you make the binding yourself and have never done it before.

Minky stretches when you sew it.

Either sewing a straight line with a sewing machine is harder than it looks, or I am just really impaired in that area.

I need a walking foot for my sewing machine.

Memory foam mattress toppers are heavy.

A 2-inch-thick mattress topper will make your bed 2 inches taller.

It's hard to climb into a tall bed when you are short and 36 weeks pregnant.

Memory foam is really great to sleep on if you can manage to climb up into your bed.

You should go through the pictures on your phone every now and then because some of them will make you laugh.

"I'm gonna give you a knuckle sandwich!"
"Dena's face paint for 25 cents WOW"
Fun with dogs. She kept looking behind her to see what was jingling.
I have an awesome husband who, when I complained about the too-tall bed, went to Lowe's, bought lumber, had it cut, brought it home and built a custom support so we could eliminate the box spring. 

And voila! Our mattress is 6 inches lower -- I can now sit on the edge without clambering up first!

And okay ... I already knew the part about having an awesome husband. :)

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Mrs. Mobunny said...

I would like a less tall, bed.