April 17, 2010

It's Official

I'm on maternity leave. Now Baby Sister can come whenever she is ready ... except not on April 22. Please, Baby Sister, do not come on April 22.

She seems pretty content where she is, though, so I wouldn't be a bit surprised if she stays put for a couple more weeks. I feel pretty well and am fairly comfortable (as long as the temperature doesn't climb too high) so as of this moment I don't think I mind being pregnant for a couple more weeks or however long she decides to hang out in utero.

My Man was offered the opportunity to work five hours of overtime this morning so he took it. That is a big blessing! He hasn't worked any OT in a year or so. Things have really been picking up at his job so we're hoping for more OT here and there.

The Boogie is watching Dora the Explorer and eating Cheerios. She loves Dora. She is picking up Spanish words left and right. Yesterday I heard her singing a song that ended in "buenas noches, buenas noches." She was showing My Man some colors and telling him what they were in Spanish. She counts from uno to diez. When she eats something she likes she says, "Yum yum yum, delicioso!"

I've been trying to remember the funny things she's been saying, but if I don't write them down right away I forget them. Let's see ... The other day in the car she was licking her finger and wiping it on her bare leg. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Why are you doing that?"
"I'n wiping my toof water on my knee," she replied. Tooth water! Hahaha.

Her cousin HE came over a couple of mornings this week. One morning HE brought a little snack with her. The Boogie asked her politely, "Are those for you, or for sharing?"

My Man and I will sometimes talk to each other in texting mode, saying letters instead of words. One thing we often say is "IDK" instead of "I don't know." I asked the Boogie a question and she answered, "I don' know, Honey. IDK!"

One afternoon she was acting a little crabby. I asked My Man, "What do you think? N-A-P or not?" Before he could answer she shouted, "Not!" I don't think she knew what I spelled ... but maybe she did ...

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