April 2, 2010

Diaper Deluge!

Well. I already wrote about my wonderful boss giving me my fabulous rocker-glider. Then I wrote about the lovely ladies at my church going in together on a gift card for baby needs. Both things were a great big surprise, something I never expected at all. BUT that's not all!

The other night I finished washing and folding and putting away Baby Sister's clothes, blankets, sheets, etc. My Man and I were talking about what things need to happen before she makes her appearance, and I said, "I don't think we really need to get anything else except some diapers!"

The next day my office had a birthday lunch for the doctor. The Boogie went, as she usually does, and we all met at TGI Friday's. After lunch the plan was to go back to the office to give the doctor his gift and have some cookies before opening for afternoon hours. I was supposed to meet someone to do a Boogie hand-off but it wasn't going to work out, so while we were at lunch I told them I wouldn't be coming back for the little after-party because I needed to drive the Boogie back home. "Oh, no no," they said, "you can't do that. You have to come. The Boogie wants to come and eat cookies! Can't she just stay with you and her daddy can come pick her up after work?" It took a little convincing but I finally agreed -- I didn't really want to have to drive back home, anyway.

When we got back to the office there were balloons and lots of gifts for ME! Diapers and wipes and more diapers and more wipes and baby washcloths and towels and even a little gift for the Boogie. It was a surprise diaper sprinkle, though My Man said it was more like a deluge!
I was TOTALLY and COMPLETELY surprised yet again. Wasn't that a perfectly lovely thing for them to do? They are so good to me.

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