March 29, 2010

"I'm Sure I'm Perfect"

The Boogie makes us laugh all.the.time with the things she says. Her latest thing is to call everyone her best friend. I love that, especially since I get to be one of those BFFs. "Where's my best friend Daddy?" she'll ask. "Oh, my Honey, you're my best friend." MIL and FIL were away for the weekend and after church yesterday the Boogie wanted to know, "Where's my best friend Mommom?" She asked where her Poppop was, too, but sadly he does not seem to fall into the "best friend" category. Sorry, Poppop.

As the Boogie chattered away nonstop in the back seat yesterday we heard this: "I'm sure I'm perfect." She then continued on in her random comments and observations, not stopping to dwell on her positivity of her own perfection. But we were tickled by it.

She notices everything and we have to be very careful about the words and phrases that we use. Recently we explained that the word "stupid" is not nice and that we don't (read: shouldn't) say it. She has done pretty well with that -- much better than her parents who have had the word "stupid" in our vocabulary for much longer than she has. (Not that we say it all the time ... but often enough!) Yesterday it slipped out of my mouth. I immediately berated myself and hoped she didn't hear me but right away I heard her little voice from the backseat, "Honey, did you say 'stupid'?" Argh. There is no getting anything past her.

On Saturday we took her to a different branch of the library than the one we usually go to. This one had lots of fun toys and she had a wonderful time and didn't want to leave. That night when we prayed with her before bed she wanted to pray first. Her prayers are usually a lot of unintelligible mumbling but this one consisted of "Dear Jesus, thank you we go to a new liberry, a different liberry, and play with toys" and so on. It was so cute. I love listening to her pray!

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Engrafted Lives said...

LOL! You make my day reading these quips and quotes! Keep posting them please...they are very entertaining.