March 18, 2010

A Lovely Surprise

Before the Boogie was born our church threw me a huge baby shower. Lots of ladies were there and I got so many beautiful (and practical!) gifts for the Boogie. Our church typically only throws a baby shower for the first baby born to a family while they attend, so I wasn't expecting anything at.all. this time around -- it never crossed my mind. A couple of weeks ago I caught wind of something ... I tried to pump My Man for information but all he would say was "I won't tell you anything." I was surprised that anything at all was going on and strongly suspected a diaper sprinkle (an informal get-together where everyone brings diapers for the new baby.) However I was totally blown away when the other night at our ladies meeting I was presented with a VERY generous Visa gift card that everyone had contributed to! It was totally unexpected and so very very generous ... what an incredible blessing!

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Cove Girl said...

That's wonderful! And it will be very useful as you discover things that you might need, and can get exactly what you want. What a great idea!