March 12, 2010

It's Almost Spring!

It's the countdown: 8 days to go!

We had some really beautiful weather and last weekend we took a trip to the zoo with BIL/SIL1 and BIL/SIL2 and their kiddos. These were the only pictures I took! With their pass, BIL/SIL1 were able to get all the kids onto the train and carousel for a ride.
The Boogie, as you know, is obsessed with Thomas and Friends, so to ride on a "train" was sheer delight.
Can you see them? Wait, I'll zoom in.
The Boogie thought that was great fun, too. It was chilly that day but not too cold to keep us from enjoying ourselves! We watched a little animated show in the aviary and for the next several days all the Boogie could talk about was the "bird moo-bie" and taking her Lela to see it when Lela comes to visit.

The next day after the morning service we made a special trip to Sears to get a new toy ... I mean, tool ... for me. Our tax refund was quite a bit nicer than we'd hoped so we were able to replace our bagless upright Bissell with this:
I am a happy woman, I tell you. A very happy woman. There is a hard-floor attachment. I can vacuum my hard floors. It's kind of sad that something like that would make me so happy, but it does. You have no idea.

As I said, we've had some beautiful weather. I've tried to take the Boogie outside to play as much as possible. On Tuesday while sitting in the backyard at 52 a bird pooped on me. Right on my protruding pregnant belly. I don't have photographic evidence, but I do have witnesses. Gross, right? But also kind of funny. I have been informed that having a bird poop on you is supposed to bring good luck, so I guess that makes me AND Baby Sister lucky!

This morning the Boogie came up to me like this:
And if you wonder where she gets her weirdness from, well, look no further:
Yes, he made this himself. No, I will not be going anywhere with him while he is wearing it.

Here I am tonight at 33 weeks:
Baby Sister is very squirmy and wiggly. She often startles me with her sudden movements, just like the Boogie did. Sometimes I think she is trying to make her escape through my side. Only 7 weeks until my due date! Suddenly it seems very soon.


Island Girl said...

Oh my word, that "belt buckle" is quite hilarious!

Wendy Glosser said...

SEVEN WEEKS??? where has the time gone??? You look amazing and your family cracks me up! I love them!

The Mold-ee :) said...

Wow! Such a wonderful "toy" from Sears, and it truly is amazing how quickly time has gone! You're just adorable, and I'm sure daughter #2 is going to be just like momma!