March 1, 2010

Spring Is Coming

Today is March 1. The first day of spring is March 20. While I know that it technically being spring does not necessarily mean spring-like weather, it is encouraging to me that an end to winter is in sight ... I am really looking forward to leaves on the trees and fresh green grass and flowers and birds singing and being able to open my windows!

The Boogie is playing restaurant on my bed. "Look, Honey, I gots some food!" I asked her what she is serving. "Carrots and cuncumbers and walamelons and sugar and pretzels!" All part of a well-balanced diet, of course. Yesterday I asked her what she wanted for lunch and she said, "Hot dog and cuncumber and mustard." This kid loves cucumbers. LOVES them.

I think yesterday was the peak of her cold. There was a lot of coughing and sneezing -- like, a LOT. Neither My Man nor I could stay home from church with her because I had to teach Sunday school and he has to usher and work the sound system, so we took her with us and he kept her in the office during Sunday school. After Sunday school I brought her home and we took it easy for the rest of the day. Mid-afternoon My Man drove up to Newark to pick up his parents -- they went to Milwaukee for a conference and were supposed to come home on Friday, but due to the snowstorm their flight was canceled and they were stuck there until yesterday. While he was gone I attempted to get the Boogie to nap. Her bed is still a "tent" and I had to go into her room several times to take away toys and remind her to lay down and be quiet. She finally did fall asleep ... like this:
Seriously, how do they sleep like this? How can they fall asleep over their food and in car seats and in weird positions in bed? I don't understand it. It's cute, though.

Now she has lined up all the pillows from my bed down the hallway and is walking on them "across the river." Lovely. Good thing I just mopped ...

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