February 27, 2010

Camping Out

When I was a little girl, this was my bed. (Without the guy. We hadn't met yet.)
Before it was mine it was my mom's, but I don't have a picture of it then. I'm sure it was in better shape. However, it has held up well for 45 years and as I've mentioned before, it now belongs to this little person.
When I was a little girl my mom used to make my bed into a tent. So when the Boogie asked for a tent tonight, of course I had to try to replicate what my mom used to do.
Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. The Boogie was pretty tickled with it and wanted everyone to come in. I took the side and end sheets off but left the top one on when she went to bed. Someday we'll actually put the canopy on it so she can have a real princess bed!

She still says "rangin" (like "hanging") instead of "angry." Tonight she wanted something and I told her no. She scowled at me and said, "I'm rangin for you," which translates to "I'm angry at you." Hey, at least she used words instead of screaming or hitting, right?

She has a cold and when she woke up from her nap she found her Daddy and said, "Daddy, it's not working." When he asked what she meant she just pointed at her nose which was completely stuffed up. Poor little girl. She's happy, though!

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