February 14, 2010


It's what I do. I won't say I'm proud of it, but I must admit to being fairly accomplished at it.

Currently I am successfully avoiding the checkbook. Again. You know, in my bank teller days I updated my checkbook several times a week. It was always balanced to the penny. Always. But I was only keeping track of one income and one person's few bills and I had quite a bit of downtime at the bank. (Shhhh, don't tell anyone ... but I balanced my checkbook while I was supposed to be working.) Anyway, I've told myself many many times that if I would take five minutes every night to enter any receipts from that day into the register my life would be much less complicated.

But less complicated is not always what I do. Procrastination is what I'm good at. So I'm doing that again. Unfortunately being good at it does not make me feel accomplished for some reason ...

We got several inches of snow in that storm. It snowed for several hours on Tuesday night and My Man woke up early Wednesday morning, looked out at the unplowed driveway, and came back to bed. It stopped snowing for several hours and the roads and our parking lot got plowed and he really could have gone to work. Instead he helped me with a project. Then it started snowing again. And it snowed for several hours again. And I was glad he didn't go to work and that I didn't have to, either!
Here is what we accomplished Wednesday morning:
Tore our room apart, cleaned it, and completely rearranged. Now it's ready for Baby Sister -- all I have to do is set up the little crib in the corner. I really like our room this way. It feels so good to have that finished.

I am very pleased to report that potty training has been a huge success! The Boogie has hardly had any accidents at all. On Thursday night at church she even told the nursery worker that she needed to go. Yesterday we were out and about for hours cleaning the church, running errands, and doing some shopping, and she stayed dry all day. She had no problem using whatever restroom we were near. I'm delighted that she has caught on so quickly and I'm so glad I waited until I thought she was ready. It hasn't been a battle at all.

One of our errands yesterday was to look for a bed. Our mattresses have been on the floor since we moved into this apartment (we had a bed but gave it away.) We found one for the exact amount we had budgeted for! Here it is:
Hahaha just kidding! Could you imagine this in our apartment? It would take up the whole bedroom! In fact it probably wouldn't even fit with our eight-foot ceilings.

Okay, this is really the one we got:
It's very simple and not too big. We've been shopping around for several weeks and this was the first one that we both immediately liked. My Man will go pick it up on Tuesday. I'm excited to get the mattresses off the floor and our pillows away from the window -- it's cold! Plus I'm looking forward to that extra storage space under the bed.

Today is Valentine's Day. The Boogie was very excited and repeated "Happy Holidays" many times this morning -- she is a little confused. She gave candy hearts to her Sunday school classmates and cousins. She received as much candy back as she gave! We gave her a Backyardigan's toy that we found at a rest stop on the turnpike last week. My Man got a new game for his DS and some Jelly Belly's, and gave me some shower gel that I wanted.

No more excuses. Time to buckle down and get busy. Happy Valentine's Day to you -- now go hug the ones you love!

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