February 19, 2010

It's Here! It's Here!

And ... it's really BIG.
It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be. Here, for comparison:
I truly didn't think it would be quite so tall or ... large. It didn't look that big in the furniture store! Of course, that could have been because it was in a huge showroom surrounded by other, larger, beds. That could maybe possibly have skewed my perception just a little bit. It is taking some getting used to and I've run into the footboard several times (because I'm clumsy like that) and I almost need a stool to climb up on it and I might need to do a little more rearranging of furniture in our room, but it is very pretty and a major plus is that at night the sound of our downstairs neighbor's tv does not travel up through the mattresses anymore. (Apparently mattresses are good sound conductors. Who knew?) AND there is lots of fabulous space underneath! Storage bin section in Target, here I come!

We have been watching quite a bit of Olympics this week. We all like the snowboarding and skiing competitions. The Boogie and I like the figure skating. She gets excited and tries to slide down the hallway in her socks as if she's skating. This is how she watches skiing:
It snowed again on Tuesday for a good part of the day, but thankfully it didn't stick. That's the way I like snow -- it looks pretty but causes minimal interruption to my life.

I'm so happy it's Friday! I am planning on having a great weekend, and I hope you do too!


Island Girl said...

I like your bed...I've always like sleigh beds!

Dear Abbi said...

Very nice! It looks awesome!