February 20, 2010

Potty Mouth

The Boogie, when she belches or passes gas, covers her mouth and giggles and says, "I burped! 'Scuse me." I don't correct her because she is at the age of blurting things out and I'd much rather her announce "I burped!" in a store than ... well ... something else.

Of course you know we've been potty-training and she is doing extremely well. She's hardly had any accidents all week, and has stayed dry for most naptimes as well as a couple of nights. When we are at home she wears "gig gil panties" and when we're out she wears a Pull-Up. Last night we had just gotten home and I thought I smelled something. "Did you poop?" I demanded.
"Yes," she answered. I checked her Pull-Up and it was clean.
"No, you didn't. There's no poop in there!" I said.
"No," she said, "I'm just farting."

Today I asked her if she was ready for lunch. "Would you like some noodles?" I asked.
"No, thanks," she replied.
"Well, what would you like, then?"
She leaned close to me and whispered loudly, "Fruit loops."

We are spending a lovely quiet day at home today. I got up with the Boogie and made her breakfast, then dozed on the couch while she ate in the living room and watched what she calls "Thomas talking," which is the computer-animated version of Thomas and Friends. (Does anyone remember Shining Time Station with Ringo Starr and George Carlin as a miniature Mr. Conductor, and the jukebox that had a marionette band inside?  Anyone? Anyone? I think it was on PBS. We used to watch it all the time.) She is in love with Thomas the Tank Engine and all of his pals. It is a sudden obsession. Thankfully she has cousins with a full library of Thomas DVDs that they are happy to share. When I woke up from my morning nap My Man was making us breakfast. Then he went on visitation and the Boogie and I puttered around and now we are watching more Olympics. It is the perfect day to do nothing.

The snow is melting, too! I can see bare patches of grass here and there. It will be spring in ONE MONTH and I can't wait!

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