February 6, 2010

Monster Jam!

My Man and Someone Else (names have been changed) bought tickets a few weeks ago to go to Monster Jam in north Jersey today. Last night it started to snow. And snow. And snow. And continue to snow. By this morning there were several inches and it was still coming down. Someone Else (who will remain unnamed, though you know who you are) bailed. My Man didn't want to go by himself, so we left the Boogie at 52 and I went with him. If you know me, you know I am not a Monster Jam kind of girl. I am a sit-at-home-on-a-snowy-Saturday-afternoon-and-watch-old-movies-while-my-husband-goes-to-Monster-Jam-with-Someone-Else kind of girl. But he'd been looking forward to it so much and I wanted him to go and everyone knows it's much more fun to go with someone than by yourself. So I went! The first thirty minutes of driving was a little nerve-wracking but once we got on the turnpike it was smooth sailing. There wasn't any snow at all up in north Jersey. And Monster Jam was actually kind of fun. It was very noisy and Baby Sister kicked and squirmed when engines got all revved up. Afterward we drove up to Hackensack to White Manna for sliders. We'd been wanting to try them since we saw the tiny diner featured on -- where else? -- Food Network. The diner was tiny and crowded and smelled so good. There was one cook working at a small flattop grill and we were amazed at how she could remember who ordered what. We got some cheeseburgers with onions and shared some fries and it was dee-licious! Meanwhile it stopped snowing here at home so by the time we got close the roads were pretty clear. The Boogie had fun with her grandparents.

Speaking of your favorite Boogie, here she is with HE in their matching monkey jammies that they got from Mom3 and Pop3 for Christmas. How cute are matchy-matchy cousins?
Later that morning I started cleaning floors which led to cleaning other things (like pulling the refrigerator out and vacuuming behind and under it because I just read about a fridge fire caused by dust) and moving everything I could out of the dining room and kitchen, and while I was occupied elsewhere the Boogie climbed on a conveniently-located chair and found my camera.
This one is my favorite. I don't know why, but the pictures she takes of her own feet crack me up.
Since this is my journal as well as your source of entertainment, I must record that the Boogie bit her sweet cousin yesterday. Normally the two of them get along fabulously -- they will play happily together for hours. I have no idea what brought this on and I honestly am mortified that she did it. She has, you know, bitten other children in the past, but it's been a while since the last time and I really didn't expect it. If she had bitten DR I would kind of understand -- not that I ever will justify biting or let her get away with it, but he loves to antagonize her and there have been times when I've caught her going after him in retribution. But HE? I do not understand. I am so embarrassed that my almost-3-year-old still bites. The worst part is that both she and HE are old enough to remember it happening and when the subject comes up the Boogie looks a little bit smug like, "Mm-hmm, yep, I can bite people with my teeth." Ugh. Parenthood. There is no knowing what your offspring will do next ... However, I did learn tonight that My Man was also a biter, so maybe it's genetic! At least now I can say it's his fault. Ha!

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