February 8, 2010

Potty Time

I have been dreading potty training with the Boogie. Really, truly dreading it. She has shown a little more interest lately and been using her little potty chair more often. I finally bought her some underwear and we've been talking a lot about how she's such a big girl and soon she won't wear diapers anymore, etc. Since Saturday was going to be a day at home for us girls I decided to give the underwear and potty a try for the day and see how she did. However, Monster Jam changed our plans for Saturday, so this morning I pulled out the underwear again. She had two accidents, which I expected, and after the second one I let her be naked just to see what would happen. Imagine my surprise when she proceeded to pee in her potty time after time with NO accidents at all! I never had to prompt or remind her even once -- she just went on her own. I'm so pleased since this is the indication I've been waiting for that she understands the feeling of needing to go, and can wait until she gets to her potty. Tonight she even told her daddy that she needed to go while she was wearing a diaper, which stayed dry! I know it's only the first step in a long process but I'm very very happy with how it is going.

After all that snow we got on the weekend it looks like we are going to be hit with another winter storm tomorrow. I'm so tired of winter and snow and cold and dry skin and chapped lips.

Tomorrow is my next prenatal appointment. I was supposed to go three weeks ago, but the Boogie got sick and I had to reschedule. Then I got sick and I had to reschedule again. Then last week the doctor's office called me because they needed to reschedule! So I am three weeks overdue for a four-week check-up. I can't believe I am almost 29 weeks along -- time is certainly flying by.

Speaking of babies, my BFF Mrs. Cowboy had hers two weeks ago! I was convinced that baby was a boy. CONVINCED. Ninety-nine percent sure. And guess what? I was wrong! I should have known better since everyone is having girls this year. This little girl is sweet and adorable and cute as a button. I drool over pictures of her and wish I could snuggle her, just a little bit. I will have to come up with a nickname for her. What should it be? Baby Cowboy? No, that sounds like she's a boy. Baby Cowgirl? Little Cowgirl? Mrs. Cowboy's Baby? Nah, too long. Hmm, gonna have to think about this one ...

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Rhonda said...

Perhaps 'cowpoke' would do.