March 24, 2010

Spring AT LAST!

I can't remember ever looking forward to spring more fervently, and it is finally here. To make it even sweeter, last week was amazingly gorgeous with sunny warm days. The Boogie played outside as much as possible during the week, and on Saturday we drove with My Man's parents to Lancaster County, PA to sample the buffet at Shady Maple -- I had never been there before but just about everyone who has raves about it. We arrived close to the end of breakfast but it was still packed with people and there was so much food! It was really good and I ate and ate and ate way more than I should have. We checked out the gift shop, the home goods store (like an old-fashioned drygoods store with everything from toys to tools to fabric to books), and a local craft warehouse, and spent some time driving around the countryside. The Boogie was so good the whole time and talked repeatedly about how we went to "Shamy Naple."  I took my camera but didn't take any pictures -- MIL got this one of me and the Boogie in the back seat on the way home
We were exhausted from all that eating!

SIL1 rented a carpet cleaner and let me use it yesterday to clean our living room carpet. Oh my. It was bad, folks. The only reason I'm writing about it is because this is my journal to help me remember events, important and not so important. Otherwise I would never tell you about my dirty living room carpet ... Tonight after the carpet was finally dry My Man moved the furniture back in and did some rearranging for me. I'm not entirely sure if I like it the new way -- I need to let it "gel" for a few days before deciding to leave it or put it back the way it was.

Nothing new is going on with Baby Sister. I go back to the doctor tomorrow and have a feeling he'll want me to start coming every week now. I'm 35 weeks now and it occurred to me yesterday that if I deliver two weeks early we'll have a baby three weeks from now! The thought sort of put me in panic mode since, though I've been working on getting things ready, I don't feel nearly ready enough. On the other hand, if I go much past my due date we might not have a baby for almost seven more weeks ... and at this point that seems like a reeeeeally long time. I am a list person and I made some "to do before baby comes" lists today and that made me feel better. It's the little things, you know?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ... no, not really. But typing the word "meanwhile" made me think of the phrase "back at the ranch" in my head and then I had to look it up to see where it originated ... what? Your brain doesn't work that way? Maybe I just need to go to bed.

Well, as I was saying, meanwhile my mom has purchased her tickets to come after Baby Sister arrives! We are very excited to see her. Whenever the subject of Lela visiting comes up, the Boogie goes on a tangent about going with Lela to see the animals (at the zoo) and watch the bird moo-bie. She is convinced that Lela already loves the bird moo-bie. We don't bother trying to explain that Lela hasn't even seen the bird moo-bie ... there's only so much that the almost-3-year-old brain can comprehend.

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Cove Girl said...

The Shady Maple looks CrAzY BIG. Talk about super sizing! The good thing for me with buffets like that is at least I have a bigger food option. To bad OH can sustain a restaurant that size:(