August 22, 2010

Bedtime Thoughts

I had a whole week of birthday-ness. We went out to breakfast last Saturday. Tuesday night My Man took me out for sushi -- YUM. Wednesday was the birthday lunch with werk people, three birthdays all together, August 17th, 18th, and 19th! Amazing. The Boogie went with me to lunch and then came to the office for a couple of hours. It was like old times. The Phebis had some quality grandparent time which included such hijinks as this:

Oh my goodness, it makes me laugh every time I look at it.

On my actual birthday I had a nice quiet day doing a little of this and a little of that, eating yummy food and opening presents. The Boogie picked out 3 pretty nail files and helped wrap them and everything. I think that's the first gift she's really given me and it makes me so happy that she picked them out herself.

On Friday a big box came from my parents FULL of goodies! Look at this quilt my mom made for the Boogie!
She got those nursery rhyme transfers many years ago and I asked her to please make a quilt out of them someday for one of my babies (that was before I even met my hubby.) It is so beautiful, I am delighted with it! She entered it in her local fair and won first place.
She sent a bunch of other things too, including an afghan that she made for me, a harmonica for the Boogie, and a hat for the Phebis.
It was so fun to go through that box.

Saturday was the wedding of one of SIL2's sisters (got that?) It was a beautiful outdoor wedding with a lunch reception following. Thankfully it wasn't TOO hot but it was hot enough for me. We took the Phebis and she looked cute in her sun hat.
That child is so hot. It's one thing to sit outside in a nice shady tent on a sunny August day; it's another thing when you are holding a tiny human furnace.

During the wedding the Boogie stayed with my office manager, her Auntie MA. Auntie MA took her out to lunch at Friendly's where she had a bowl of ice cream as big as her head.
Apparently she ate quite a bit of it and boy was she wired by the time we got home.

Then we went to our friends' house for dinner where she got to run around and play Dora and Diego and I got to eat taco salad which is, like, my favorite summer meal ever. I wish I had some right now.

Okay, not really. I already brushed my teeth. But I do love it a lot. A lot.

Today the Boogie was walking into church ahead of me and I mentioned to My Man that her hair is getting so long and when there is a lot of humidity in the air she gets some nice curl in it. She was listening and replied to me, "Thank you, Honey! It's so nice of you to say that." hahaha :)

The Phebis is continuing on her quest of learning to crawl by the time she is four months old. I will keep you posted. Her latest is to actually get her knees underneath her and lift her body up off the floor for a few seconds.

Tonight I thought that maybe since she sucks her thumb and can self-soothe, I would try putting her in her crib awake and see if she would fuss herself to sleep. She was already overtired and cried herself hysterical in just a few minutes and couldn't keep her thumb in her mouth so I got her out and laid on the bed with her. I curled up facing her and she curled up facing me and we fit together like two pieces of a puzzle. She held my fingers with both of her chubby hands and hiccuped and shuddered and her breathing slowed and she fell asleep and I savored her sweet baby smell and was reminded of the amazingness of being a mother ...

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