August 14, 2010

Today, Yesterday, Last Week, Last Month ...

So much catching up to do. Let me see how brief I can be without skipping anything important.

*A couple of weekends ago we had a SURPRISE birthday party for FIL. It was really fun and he was really surprised! I didn't take any pictures. Bad me.
*After the party My Man's cousin K came to stay at 52 for a few days. That was really fun too! She played a lot with the Boogie and entertained her. She helped keep an eye on the Phebis and entertained her, too, when needed. When she was about to leave I realized that I hadn't taken any pictures while she was here so I grabbed my camera and we tried to get some cute shots.

But it was almost impossible to get the small people to look in the same direction at the same time while looking pleasant so we tried something else.
We mostly succeeded with the last one ... at least everyone is looking in the same general direction and no one is blinking or yawning or crying ...

*Also while K was here we made an expedition to the shore. There were 4 adults, 2 teens, 5 kids, and a baby. It was a beautiful day. The kids played in the water. All I have to show you is the Boogie:
The Phebis spent the whole time like this:
It was a breezy day and when I finally picked her up her head was covered with sand that had blown in under the umbrella. I was picking it out of her ear for a couple of days.

As for myself, I wore a t-shirt and no sunblock which resulted in a sunburn on the back of my neck that has turned into a killer tan line just below my hair. Awesome. Why do I forgo sunblock and get a bad sunburn one time every.single.year? Why? I'll tell you why. It's these children. They are destroying my brain cells.

It has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with my age, because I'm only 24.

Where was I?

Oh, yeah. So much for a brief catch-up ...

*The Phebis is nice and chubby. I love all of her rolls and creases and dimples and chins.
She loves her thumb. This is how I find her in the morning and is why she sleeps all night. Ahhh, wonderful sleep.
 And this is how I found her the other day, with her ankles crossed.

The Boogie still adores her little sister.

*I tickle the Phebis a lot, trying to get a chuckle out of her. I guess babies have to learn how to laugh? I can't remember how old the Boogie was when she started laughing. Right now the Phebis squirms and smiles and grunts, but no chuckles yet. I can't wait to hear that wonderful baby belly laugh.

*Isn't chuckle a funny word? It's one that sounds like what it means, like awkward or frothy.

*I like words.

Where was I?

Oh yeah. 

*This cute Boogie is not only adorable, she is hilarious. Well, you know, I could possibly be a teeny tiny bit biased. Or possibly just easily amused.

*The other day we went to Target and she asked for popcorn so I bought us a bag to eat while we shopped. When we left I set the bag on the passenger seat of my car. "Honey," she asked, "where's that Target-brand popcorn?"

I promise I don't know where she comes up with this stuff. Admittedly I have a preference for Target-brand products but I don't think I refer to them as such ...

*Today she remembered that we don't say the word "stupid."
"Honey, do we say 'stupid'? We don't say 'stupid', do we?" she asked out of the blue with a little smirk, knowing the answer.
"No we don't, so stop saying it," I told her.
"We don't say it? And not stupid jokes?"
Hee hee hee :D

*This morning we went to IHOP for breakfast. The Boogie took one look at the kids' menu and knew exactly what she wanted. She was delighted when it was served.
"Look, Honey! A pancake with a face on it! It looks like me!"

*We ran some errands today. As usual she wanted to know where we were going.
"We're going to Old Navy," I said.
"Old Navy? Do they gots old clothes and old peoples or sumpin?"
Such a funny kid!
*This week we have had a couple of sleepovers with cousins. EK spent Tuesday night and the girls slept on a futon in another room. We set up the baby monitor so I could hear if they woke up. Around 4 a.m. I heard the Boogie and when I went in there she was pushed up against one side with EK snuggled right up against her. "Honey," the Boogie whined, "I'm stuck."

*Another cousin, HE, has been here for a couple of nights as well. When I checked on the girls last night they looked like this
It never fails to amaze me how kids can sleep like that, all over the place and falling off the bed and yet they rarely wake up.

*My birthday is next week. I'm going to be 24 again. I figure I can turn 24 at least one more time. I might try to stretch it out for another year ... or maybe I'll just stop having birthdays.

Nah. That would mean no presents.

Where was I?

Oh yeah. All caught up (I think, with the few brain cells my children have left me) and going to bed.

P.S. Thank you Nanette for telling me how to get rid of those pesky lines behind my blog header! :)

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Mrs. Mobunny said...

I like the word chuckle, too. I loved the spot in our Rod and Staff workbooks that taught the LE words. Jingle, fizzle, pickle, juggle, jiggle, babble, nimble, thimble, kettle....they're all good.