August 31, 2010

The End of August

Summer is not officially over until September 23 this year, but for me it seems to be over when August ends. I'm always sorry to see summer end. I like fall as fall, but it is a precursor to winter which is my least favorite season. Hopefully we'll have a nice autumn, though!

The Phebis had a doctor's appointment yesterday. She weighed in at 15 lbs 13 oz.

Girlfriend is almost sixteen pounds.

The Boogie weighed 16 lbs. 2 oz. at her 6 month check-up. The Phebis is 3.5 months old. She is outgrowing all of the size 3-month clothes, fits great in size 6-month, and isn't exactly swimming in size 9-month.

A few weeks ago I started bugging My Man to take me over to the storage unit to find the plastic bins of baby clothes. Finally we were able to go last week. Don't you know the bins were allllll the way in the back corner. I was climbing all over stuff to get to them. Thankfully they were on top, though. We never would have found them if they had been buried underneath other boxes.

The Phebis is still trying hard to crawl. She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks a little bit, then lunges forward. She does a little army-crawling, too. I borrowed a walker from SIL1 and the Phebis likes to be in there. We put some toys on the tray and she's happy for a bit. I think that she knows what to do to make it move, but she doesn't have the coordination yet to do it.

She is still sleeping well at night since she found that magic thumb. However, she goes to bed very late (11 pm or midnight or sometimes later) so we're trying to tweak that and her nap schedule during the day to make it favorable to everyone!

The Boogie continues to make me laugh on a daily basis. Last week she saw a picture of me on the computer and said, "Aw, Honey, you were cute when you were big." No, it wasn't a picture of me when I was pregnant ... I think she just took the phrase "you were cute when you were little" and changed it according to the workings of her 3-year-old mind.

On Saturday morning she came to my side of the bed and told me softly, "Honey, I'm awake. God waked me up."

Her hair is long and often crazy. Some mornings I just pull it back out of her face so she doesn't get her breakfast in it and it stays like that all day. 
If I take the time to do it, though, it looks really cute.

My Man has been working lots of overtime this month. He's worked two or three fifty-hour weeks, and will put in fifty-five hours this week. The extra money is really nice but he is not used to working this much anymore so it has been an adjustment for him.

At the beginning of the month I set a goal to lose five pounds by Labor Day. Then I kinda sorta forgot about my goal. Oops. But last week I remembered and we went out to buy me a pair of badly-needed new walking shoes (mine were from 2001, I think) and I've been trying to walk every day. I managed to do it four days last week and twice so far this week. And I've lost a couple of pounds anyway, thanks to a growing baby who likes to eat a lot. Once I reach this goal I'll set another one! Lose the baby weight!

As for the little white house, we got some news last week that made us hopeful for a closing date this week or next ... then yesterday we got more news that we might possibly be able to close by the end of September. Sometimes it feels as if we are just in a state of limbo and we aren't ever going to close. I know God has a reason for it taking so long -- I just don't know what His reason is ...

Meanwhile we are so thankful for family letting us live with them. They are long-suffering to allow us to stay so long! I must say that we have enjoyed it and aside from missing my own bed from time to time I have no complaints, especially since they help SO much with the girls and MIL is a fantastic cook. I mean, fantastic. My poor Man will be sorry to go back to my boring cooking when we move out. :)


Engrafted Lives said...

I was wondering if you had moved into your new house yet, guessed you answered that one for me. :)

Hope you get in by the end of September or even sooner. Praise the Lord for family!

Jackie's World said...

LOL - Phebis is so cute...I love the drool :o)